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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hennesy Artistry @ Zouk, KL

Let's see, when was the last time I went clubbing. If I remember correctly it is the launching of EA's City Glam Perfume in Passion two years ago. That time I was still in my previous company.

Drinking loads of FREE beer in Passion

I seldom go clubbing nowadays due to a few reasons:

i) I don't know how to dance to trance music
ii) Cover charge is more expensive
iii) If I bring chicks to club, I'll have to pay for them too (I'm very poor ga)
iv) I go clubbing almost twice every week when I was 20 to 23 year old, kinda sick of it already

So, I've never been to Zouk before when it opened until now. Last Friday, I got the chance to go clubbing in Zouk because I got 2 VIP passes for Hennessy Artistry event there. It comes with FREE booze. I invited Chris, PS, and Victoria because one pass can bring in two person.

Me, PS, and Victoria arrived quite early. After registering ourself, we just stand at the entrance and wait. So, I took the chance to take some pictures.

Red is my lucky colour

DJ? Nah

DJs of the night

My dates of the night, PS and Victoria

Before we go in to the club, the three of us were asked to stand in front of a board with Hennesy logo to have pictures be taken by 100 4 cameramen from different magazine, felt like a celebrity wtf.

As I am so damn kiasu and came very early, we get to have a table of our own with a bottle of Hennessy on it. Woot.

The boozes

There's a ginger ale mixer that we can mix with Hennessy, I tell you it's damn good. We were also serve with cocktails made from Hennessy mix. Hence the event of the night, Hennessy Artistry is about mixing cocktails using Hennessy. I tried Hennessy Miami (Hennessy + lime juice + simple syrup + fresh mint leaves), which is a bit sourish, much like Long Island Tea concoction. The Hennessy content is very strong in this cocktail. A glass of it made me so happy. You can get the full list of Hennessy cocktails here.

5 minutes after we settled down, I saw a familiar gorgeous red hair came into the VIP area but I don't dare to go and say hi, still sober mah. 10 more minutes later, I saw Michelle and Yatz came into the VIP area. They went to sit in the table reserved for bloggers. My table is an open table hence anyone in the VIP area can take. More booze mah like that wtf.


Michelle still sober, an hour later she is so plastered that Yatz took some very plastered look pictures of her that is so funny.

Chris came at around 10pm.

Half an hour later, I went to the toilet to take a leak and when I was walking back to my table I bumped into a Red Hot Chili Pepper Fireangel. Wow, she's so hot that night, can die one yo! You have to be there to see how she dance. I dare say I'm not too bad myself in term of dancing.

Me and FA saying Hi!

If Fireangel is here, which means KY and Suanie has also arrived. Which is true, when I got back to my table I saw KY buayaing talking to PS and Victoria. Chris told me that KY knew my invited guest long before tonight. KY told me he saw the guest list a few days ago. So powderful, can get his hand on the guest list before hand.

PS, Victoria, KY, me and Chris

Me, Rachel & Suanie

Kimberly weren't able to make it to the Nuffnang Pajama Party, and I missed a chance to take a photo with her. That night she was here too and bloody KY have to spoiled the photos by posing behind us -______________-

Me and Kimberly with bloody KY behind us

Remember, the gorgeous red hair I mentioned earlier? I bumped into her on my way to the dance floor, while she's making her way back into the VIP area. This time I am high brave enough to say hi and ask to take a photo with her.

Ah, the gorgeous red hair, she's always there when there's an event like this.

I made my way to the dance floor and dance to the music sang by DJ Keri the only singing DJ that night, one of the three guest DJs for the night. I danced to about 4 songs and I started to sweat profusely. So, I have to go back to the table and take a rest. Must be the lack of exercise.

DJ Keri singing a tranz-like tune

Polaroid took by Hennessy girl at the entrance

KY brought FA to our table and introduced her to PS, Victoria and Chris. As if she needed introduction. FA was so hot that night that a lot of guys wanted to dance with her. I can't even come close to her at the dance floor wtf. She seems so happy that night, might be high from booze or happy because she's quit from her boring routine 9 to 5 job already.

Okinawa Rendez-vous

The tounge pose, 1 finger pose and 3 fingers pose

We left at about 1 am and went to have supper in SS2 Mamak. The gang that were there for the supper are me, PS, Victoria, Chris, KY, Suanie, Kimberly, Shaolin Tiger and Yatz.

Chris and KY have to take one more picture before going


Unknown said...

Yo Simon..
cool life you got over there...

GOod balance of life between play n work...

Keep the good work.

Anonymous said...

fwah u damn fast eh..

Samuel said...

what is clubbing actually.. you go there.. drink, dance, listen to hot music... hahaha.. cool! haven't really got the chance to have a taste of clubbing...

KY said...

oi I'm not powderful laaa, only knew who's invited on the day itself. :D

Anonymous said...

T_T I ko-ed without warning. I just kind of blanked out and remember sleeping only cheh party pooper me T_T

Simon Seow said...

Raymond: Thanks. I will. :)

yatz: ok lah

samuel: I think normal clubbing is for the well to do. I won't go clubbing if have to pay.

ky: oh, you're resourceful :D

michelle: lol, next time go slow on the booze lor.

Anonymous said...


fatboybakes said...

hahah, i love your reason for seldom clubbing, esp iii) If I bring chicks to club, I'll have to pay for them too (I'm very poor ga),

tell me, is it coz you're a gentleman and wont allow the chick to pay, as a matter of principle, or are the chicks of today so thick skinned they expect you to pay for them?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah i was reading fbb comment..
you never fail to amaze me how you can get diff girls as dates wondering u deserve that VIP entrance!

Monica said...

wow so much fun...;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Free passes.. I want.

My reasons for not going clubbing *LOL*

1. I don't know how to dance at all.
2. If my guy brings me to the club, every girl will sticks to him T.T
3. My guy won't allow me to go clubbing with friends.

I think there are more, but I couldn't think of them now cos my mind has been blocked by the workloads @.@

Simon Seow said...

Jason: yah, since March 17

fbb: Both also correct, I'll be gentleman and pay for girl I like and there are just girls that are very thick face even though first time meeting through friend's friend expect us guys to pay.

Joe: Er.. I get the pass is not because of that leh.

monica: yeah so fun.

Rose: Change bf? :P

Fireopal said...

added ur site as link on mine

Anonymous said...

wah simon you damn bad.. go for the event and didn't invite me.. damn sien lor

eiling lim said...

hey I didn't know so many bloggers were there. Should have dropped by to say hi to you guys that night. Cheers.

§pinzer said...

i don't have a single picture to blog with siiiiiigh!!!

but thanks for all the photos! can u pls send some to me, resized? or better, come over tonight and watch football XD

Anonymous said...

Uh.. I don't remember when was the last time I went clubbing... maybe last year?

Me don't dance and don't drink ler, no purpose to go :P

Simon Seow said...

fireopal: thanks.

adry: your futsal kaki and thailand travelmate never invited you ka?

eiling: if it's promoted by a blogger the chances is bloggers will also go.

chris: It's kinda difficult for me. My Facebook one cannot use meh? See la, one day yum cha I copy to pen drive and upload to your laptop la.

jason: you can stand there and look at girls mah :P

eiling lim said...

I see... Do keep me updated next time ya. Would like to meet you guys in person. Haha... Ciao

Anonymous said...

Finally the picture you posted up (with me in) is not so ugly! Lol!!

Anonymous said...

wah.. went to clubbing with so many lenglui bloggers. not bad huh!