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Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Time in El Cerdo

Note: Tidak Ditanggung halal

Way back 2 months ago during a dinner break from Nokia IAC, David Lai, Aaron, Thomas, Nadia and I decided to dine in El Cerdo in Changkat Bukit Bintang. I follow them because I've never been there before and I read a lot about great pork dishes that this restaurant serves.

The settings.

The house's specialty.

My complimentary soup. I think it's potato leek soup.

David did all the ordering because he's the regular here. We didn't make a reservation so we have to be fast with our meal hence no roast whole piglet for us. Remember to make reservation if you want to eat here because it's almost always full.

Delicious prawn spaghetti.

The prawn is so fresh and succulent. The sauce also goes very well with it.

Rating: 4/5

Grilled pork loin with rice.

The grilled pork loin is very juicy and tender. I can eat a lot of it without feeling jelak.

Rating: 4/5

Duck fettuccine.

The chef here is also very good in cooking duck. It's not bad.

Rating: 3.5/5

Pork Ribs

The main attraction of the dinner, honey roasted pork ribs. Words just can't describe how delicious this dish is, you have to try it to know it.

Rating: 4.5/5

It's not on the menu.

Thanks to David who is a regular here, he ordered Rum n Raisin Pancakes which is not listed on the menu. This dessert is yummy. Cold Rum n Raisin ice-cream eaten with warm and fluffy pancakes, is a good match. It's a must for dessert.

Rating: 4.5/5

My complimentary after meal cocktail that helps digestion.



No. 43 and 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03-21450511

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Celine said...

Hey, I ate at El Cerdo the other day. The food are great but pricey though. Even their side dish is already RM20+, what more main dish. XD

Unknown said...

the set lunch thingy is quite value for money..ranging from rm 39 to rm 45

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

went yesterday nite..ate for 118 per pax..from piglet to ribs to shoulders..with prawns and belly too..hahaha..

damn awesome..

Simon Seow said...

celine: price is just secondary if the food is great.

kbcg: oh, will find out

joe: and you forgot to invite me

blurryhunniee said...

my friend went there once with her family. she said the food was awesome. but it's a bit too pricey..

hmm...wait till i earn my own money first..hmm...

sc said...

yummy porky goodness at el cerdo..mmm, time for a revisit, i think :)

Simon Ho said...

looks like i have to start saving me money. lol

TikTsin said...

i've been there before.

and i'll say it's worth every penny :)

you should've tried the roast suckling pig tho :P

ling239 said...

the prawn spaghetti looks really good... wat has it gotta do with with pigs ? :p

Simon Seow said...

blurry: well, eat it once in a blue moon is not that overdoing. It's great food. I still want to go back and try the roasted piglet. Anyone want to join?

sc: don't forget to invite me too, I got no kaki to help to devour the roasted piglet.

simon: yeah you should. lol.

dlt2: we wanted to but the place was fully booked and we're just temporary borrowing someone else table so we have to finish fast.

ling: it has nothing to do with pig, just that it happens to be there kekeke. I didn't say El Cerdo only sells pig did I?

Anonymous said...

Looks so good.. Yummy...!

Sharon Q. said...

Wow...seem like a gd place for food. I feel like eating the prawn spaghetti & pork ribs. *Slurp!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha no la. in the end it was a small little group of weird la, to invite u..dont worry..there was no karoake after that..

Anonymous said...

Can I have Prawn Pasta pleeasseee ~~

blurryhunniee said...

I want, but I just can't. Sigh. Friends' bdays coming up. And no allowance til this week is really tough. You enjoy your second visit k! Will wait for you to blog about it :D Cannot eat, look also jadilah. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Wasted didn't see you guys order the suckling pig. :D That is a must to have in Elcerdo and is what they are famous for. :)

Simon Seow said...

chimp: yes, it's good

sharon: yeah, recommended dishes but got with more ppl to try the roasted piglet.

joe: when organize a bigger gang so that I can savour the roasted piglet?

Rose: yes, you can. Just pay. :p

blurrie: I also don't know when I can get ppl to eat there again.

email2me: Didn't make reservation, what to do?

Anonymous said...

I can never get tired of El Cerdo. Yumz. The suckling pig is still a firm favourite with me.

babychyu said...

yummy yummy mum mum ....
got piggie lisa somemore ...
ekekekekekekeke =)

simsimseow said...

Tried to go for dinner on a Monday a month ago when back to KL for holiday.What a shame that we did not make any reservation and there was a full-house scene there.What a shame!

HairyBerry said...

arggghhhh!!!! i still havent tried el cerdo yet!!! argghhh!!!!!

Simon Seow said...

lyrical: yeah, too bad i didn't manage to try that.

chyu: come we find one day we go.

sis: lol, next time you come back I reserve lor.

nic: we should make a trip there, i still want to try the roast piglet.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaha..u dont need a huge crowd for a piglet..just 2 ppl enough to share half a piglet liao..

i think i need to skip pig for some halal readers complaining liao

Holly Jean said...

From one Fellow Pork Lover to Another..... can u send me all this yummy foooood??????