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Monday, July 7, 2008

Simon Cook: Korean Instant Noodle

Even though I like to eat but I'm not very good in cooking. One of my specialty is cooking instant noodle, Simon style. LOL. Here, I'll show you step by step on how I normally dish out a bowl of yummy instant noodle.

Step 1: Preparation of Ingredients

There is no right or wrong in choosing ingredients, just open your fridge and cabinet and see what can be use. These are what I got at the time. Sorry for blur pictures, that time still new in shooting macro shot.

Korean Kimchi instant noodle, egg, frankfurter, Korean roasted seaweed, and enoki mushroom.

Drop the egg into a microwavable bowl.

Cook the egg in the microwave for 30 seconds using rapid reheat. While it is cooking. Boil about 600 ml of water using an electrical boiler/kettle. Then prepare the other ingredients.

Put frankfurter on a microwavable plate and cook in the microwave.

Clean and cut of the root of the enoki mushroom.

Leave the enoki in a bowl of clean water to rinse off any dirt.

My microwaved sunny side up egg. No oil needed.

After cooking ingredients that needed to be cook, we move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Cooking the instant noodle

Open the packet, duh.

Heat up the water boiled using the electrical boiler/kettle in a pot. It's faster to reach boiling temperature using pre-cooked water.

Put in the instant noodle and enoki into the pot and cook for 3 minutes after the water reach boiling temperature. Turn off the fire and add in the kimchi powder and stir.

Step 3: Time to serve

Pour the cooked instant noodle into a bowl. Put in the frankfurter, and sunny side up egg on top. Add a few drops of sesame oil to add fragrant. Then put in the Korean roasted seaweed and voila.

Korean roasted seaweed.

The Korean kimchi flavoured instant noodle ready to be serve. Slurp, slurp.

That's the way I cook my instant noodle, without the need of heating up the oil.


TZ said...

WoW! yummy... can u cook one for me? I drive to your house ;-)

I had Korean instant noodles for lunch today... i cook everything in the soup... egg also dump into the soup.. I'm lazy hehehe...

Stripped Steph said...

wow....can cook for me also ???

Anonymous said...

Wah.. Suddenly feel like eating maggi mee !!

Anonymous said...

LOL...why not cook the "shin ramen" korean instant noodle? That's the best one in the market and together with your eggs and sausage (i dun mean the eggs and sausage from your body, just dun think the other side lol) that would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

The roasted seaweed is a nice touch. I agree with superman about the 'Shin Ramen' noodles - thicker and more filling :)

Ginny Han said...

Ok tmr I'm cooking maggie mee for breakfast! (fattening lo it takes 3 days to digest lol)

eh isnt it unhealthy cooking egg with microwave? O.o not sure about that tho. ppl say ;)

Simon Seow said...

tz: come come. LOL.

steph: for you no problem but you have to bake me brownies.

Rose: Go maggi!

superman & julian: thanks for the recommendation. I don't know what is a good brand for Korean instant noodle.

ginny han: I think it's just a myth that egg cook in microwave is unhealthy. Why only egg? How about other food? If you know how microwave works you know it's not unhealthy at all.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i usually put the egg in the cup..n many times it pops like nobody biz like pop corn..

my uni days..instant noodles with just the micro oven..good memories la..

Anonymous said...

Haha... so healthy one. I still prefer to fry my eggs though :)

Precious Pea said...

Eh..the egg won't burst meh? Last time the egg burst in my microwave with loud burst! I was screaming and jumping madly, dunno what to do.

fatboybakes said...

this kind of dish costs RM9 in chatterbox. can open restaurant oridi la you. precious pea, poke the egg yolks with a fork first la...just one poke, to avoid the explosion

babychyu said...

cook for me . i love seaweed and enoki mushroom so much !!
saliva comes out dy...ekekekeke
*^^* *blush*

Anonymous said...

Microwave cooking any food destroys practically all nutrients.

You should research on that.

angelyee said...

Enoki mushroom, egg, sausage and seaweed..yummy yummy..Why don't u open ur own Kim Simon..haha..

eiling lim said...

Wah not bad woh! no need to use a drip of oil also.

MikeMikeMike said...

Sesame Oil

craxgrl said...

well, eventhough microwave destroys all the nutrients...but i liked to do that too *high five!*

the only thing dat is wrong with ur cooking is dat u shouldn't put in the mushroom TOGETHER with the noodle...if dat so, it'll become TOO soft...put in the noodle 1st, when its half cooked, then only put in the mushroom~! =D

p/s:to warn others who is trying to cook the egg using m/w as well, dont cook it TOO LONG or ur egg will burst and end up u'll have to clean ur whole m/w! if ur'e unsure of ur timing, use a toothpick and stick a few holes into ur yolk 1st(but u wont get a sunny side up la =S)
good luck~!=D

Simon Seow said...

joe & Ivy: timing is the key, put on rapid reheat, heat 15 sec and then another 15 sec.

jason: I lazy to fry. lOl.

fbb: you haven't open restaurant, amateur like me how can.

chyu: come to KL, i cook for u

anonymous: oh thanks for the advise but not very often i eat like that. it's ok la.

angel: open tim selling only instant noodle?

eiling: yeah, wash also easy

mike: yes, it's the master of this bowl of mee.

craxgrl: wow so detailed. I don't poke, i just cook 15 sec then another 15 sec, if it's not continuous.

Anonymous said...

hehe.. i remember my first packet of Korea instant noodles.. it gave me a bad diarrhea! >_< I am always that bad luck with Korean food!!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahahah Simon can cook! wow!

Sharon Q. said...

Nice! I didn't know egg can look so nice coming from a microwave.