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Monday, July 21, 2008

Hennessy Artistry, Indoor Arena - Hot Girls

Warning: Please read this in a cool place.

Last Saturday I went to the best Hennessy Artistry event yet. Thanks to the VIP invitation from Nuffnang and Hennessy, I am able to get free flow of Hennessy Cocktail last Saturday. This time, they have a new mix in town, that is our very own Hennessy KL. Besides the free booze, of course the other attraction is the performance by Flo-rida, Machi and Pop Shuvit. Personally I only know about Machi.

The poll results came back showing that most readers will like to see Hot Girls first, and so Hot Girls it shall be then. There were so many of them that the pics that I took didn't even capture 50% of the hot chics there.

Most invited bloggers will be in Hennessy Miami.

Let us start with the two girls that I went with.

Adeline and Jan-e

Hennessy Girl that took our Polaroid.

The booze.

Suanie, Reta, FA, and Elaine.

With Pei Man


Amy looking wild that night. All the best in UK.

Hsu Jen the Serpentine Girl

Ginny Yap (almost see her in every Nuffnang event I went to)

With Ah Soh.

This is Steph K and you can see my face and you'll know that what free booze will do to you.

Sue and her hunk, Bravo.

This is Sonia. Not sure whether she got a blog or not.

Left-Hand-Swing (Josephine)

It won't be Hennessy Artistry if you don't see Joyce around. First time I took picture with Joyce was in Hennessy Artistry, Velvet Underground. After that, CGYT 1, 2,3, and Hennessy Artistry, Aloha.

An Angel and a Fairy. OMG, I must be in heaven.

The beautiful Jamie Chin (Yes. The piece of meat under/in between our face)

Nope. I didn't copy Kate

Surrounded by girls. ShienLi the girl in black is a blogger from Johore. If you happen to read this please leave me your link. LOL.

Fiqa is getting prettier each day.

OMG. I must be Dreamin of Girls.

Hypertune June Cover Girl, Natalie Fong

Miss Levy Li, Miss Malaysia-Universe 2008

Jeannie, I got her mobile no. but it'll expire next month :(

Yvonne and Ione, last we met was 4 months ago. With their friend Michelle. Both look so different last I saw them.

Random hotties.

Surprise of the night. I didn't know Cheese like to club too.

Jeannie and Pei Man

Random hotties. If anyone know them please drop a comment. Esther Tan in black. Thanks to Alex for tipping me.

Princess Lady Jane didn't waste a drop of Hennessy

Hot dancer dancing on mini stage

Sze Mun. Thanks Alex.

Panda that don't look like a panda.

Sasha the Wild

Phew! That takes me quite a while to post especially linking the girls. Let us now cool off with some refreshing Hennessy Cocktails.

KL, Miami, Paris, and Shanghai.

Okay. Next up is Cool Guys.


yapthomas said...

you and your hot girls..
and../ wtf?
take picture with someone you are not acquainted with at all??


joshuaongys said...

left hand swing roflmao

Reta said...

wow, you go around pretty quickly! nice photos.

eiling lim said...

wah so many hot chicks!

Anonymous said...

Sasha The WILD?!?!?!
That's just so contradicting. HAHAH!
Nice meeting you =)

angelyee said...

Eh simon..Post some of the handsome guys too la..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahlau eh..nxt time need to follow you out more..too many hot chicks until need to wear sunnies already

alexlye said...

simon, your Random Hotties pic. with 2 girls, i dunno the one in yellow top. but the one in Black top is Esther Tan who is a model.

And the other pic you took with ahawt chick in checkered top is Sze Mun. :)

You are welcome.

Alex "the Directory" Lye

Anonymous said...

Wah, what happened to your hair??

Simon Seow said...

thomas: as long as it's pretty girls I take lol.

joshua: yupe, that's what I always call her.

cyber-red: yeah, going here and there looking for familiar faces, didn't stay at one place more than 10 mins.

eiling: yeah, but I missed you

sasha: nice meeting u too

angel: next post

joe: join more nuffnang events

Alex: thanks for the tip

Anonymous said...

is tse mun's sur name tan? i went to a primary school tuition with a girl with that name. don't know where she went after that :)

Anonymous said...

u are so vain man! so "hau" till i cannot tahan lah!

Melvin said...

wow Simon, didn't know you're a Valentino :-)

Samdaddycool said...

thisis hot!!! you rein heaven dude :D

babychyu said...

Random hotties .. the left 1 my fren neh !!
her name is charlie

Simon Seow said...

samantha: I'm not sure. I don't know her. LOL

anonymous: cannot tahan what?

melvin: I'm not. I'm just a camwhorer.

samdaddy: yeah, too bad it only lasted for a few hours

Chyu: I don't know mah

Samdaddycool said...

owh! surely heaven if its last forever.. :P

Anonymous said...

Enjoy man!