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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MyView: Blood: The Last Vampire

I went to the premiere of Blood: The Last Vampire early of this month thanks to Nuffnang again.

All I can say is I was a bit disappointed, first the funny CGI and second is I was expecting the katana used be Saya to be like the one in Blood+, sigh. If you are a fan of Gianna Jun of "My Sassy Girlfriend" fame then this movie is for you. Die hard anime fans will be dissappointed by the disoriented story line. Where's Hagi??

Rating: 2.5/5

On the side line:

A lucky cosplay participant won a poster of Blood: The Last Vampire autographed by Gianna herself. She won because she sang one of the ending theme song from Blood+. Congrats. I would have did Hyde's version of the 2nd opening theme "Season's Call" if I got that early (I like L'Arc~en~ciel). I only finished work at 8pm.

I had a pleasant surprise to see Cindy sitting next to me when I got in the cinema. She's invited by Joshua.

More surprise came, Diese happens to sit next to Joshua lol. *hugz* She brought her sister to the movie.

Yennie and Jacquelyn happens to sit in front of us.

Last but not least my friend Sheila and I. :p


michleong said...

Dropping by from innit! and nang-ed you!
Do agree that the movie is disappointing although I did not watch the anime.


Viya said...

me also from innit :P . It should be ok for you since you got chance to shoot photo with so many cute / pretty gals ^^

EVo said...

Wah abang. ur frens seem to be all girls one. how can!! tak ajak lol ;P

Ciki said...

not the best of horrors la;)

Simon Seow said...

Mich & Vija: Welcome, welcome.

Evo: just happen that I was surrounded by them that night

Cumi & Cuki: it's horror movie?? lol

Donna said...

I want to watch that movie too..

Simon Seow said...

dolly: go watch before it's off screen