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Monday, June 15, 2009

I won Rexona Contest

Remember this post? I've posted it to enter the Rexona Contest. After about 6 months, finally the results are out. I won 2nd Prize x 1 : White Water Rafting Experience for 2. Since, it's for 2, I can invite another person to go with me. I can't seems to find anyone yet. So, I open up this place for a female blogger that is first to email me with the title "I Wanna Go White Water Rafting with Seow Lang". We'll be going White Water Rafting on 4th of July 2009 (Saturday). Time and venue to be confirmed later. Please email to me before noon tomorrow (12.00 p.m. 16th June 2009) if you're interested. ;)

My email is yyseow[at] with the details below (needed to register with the organizer)

Personal details required
1. Full name
2. IC Number
3. Contact number
4. Address
5. Health condition (eg: Asthma, high blood pressure)
6. Allergies/Pregnant

Update: Someone is really fast in sending in. So, sorry all, the place is taken.


Jacquelyn Ho said...


shyte i missed white water rafting. been wanting to go for the 2nd time but no kaki.

ai wei said...

water rafting! that's really cool! congratulation and waiting for ur post about it.

HairyBerry said...

congrats, dude! who u bringing? hehehe

Simon Seow said...

Jaquelyn: sorry place taken

ai wei: thanks, will write maybe in august lol because i have 1 month backlogs

Nic: thanks, someone lah, you didn't see the link??

ahlost said...

Congrats :)

Tummythoz said...

CONGRATS! When rafting hold tight to paddle & raft, less on the girl(s), ok?

Simon Seow said...

Rose: thanks ;)

Tummythoz: -_-

samantha said...

holy shit. white water rafting is the bomb!!! i did it this year with a couple of my friends in queenstown!

next stop, bungy jumping! or skydiving! or black water rafting!!!

rexona philippines said...

I want to try white water rafting because I want to experience what is the feeling when you sit in the boat.

Jason Zenteno

Simon Seow said...

Samantha: yeah, white water rafting is great. I had fun.

Jason: Well, it felt floaty lol. You should go and try it out.

David Deland said...

Congratulations! It seems that you really worked so hard to grab the gold! Anyway, what I love about rafting is that, it is a complete package of adventure. It can make your heart beat the same way the river flows. It is a perfect activity for those who want to try something new and for those who want to feel the intense rush of blood in their body while having fun.

Simon Seow said...

David: Yes, it was fun doing rafting. I would want to try it again if chance arises.