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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Kg Sungai Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya

Not long ago, my colleagues and I went for a farewell dinner for a colleague that will has left our company. After much discussion, we decided to go to Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Kg. Sungai Kayu Ara. It's really not difficult to find this place. Just go along Sprint away towards Damansara Jaya, don't turn left into Damansara Jaya after you took the exit to DJ from Sprint. Go straight and then turn left at the first junction into a smaller road. Go straight all the way and you see Pantai Seafood Restaurant on your right after a short drive.

The first thing that attracted me is the aquariums that is filled with many variety of seafood.

Most of the seafood in the aquariums are not cheap. They have very huge mantis prawn that is selling for RM 130/KG @_@

Australian Lobster RM 298/KG

Exotic Australian Snow Crab, prepare to pay RM 228/KG for it.

Then there's also Canada Geoduck that people always make fun of because of the shape. RM 238/KG.

We of course didn't order any of those exorbitant priced seafood, we didn't come here because one of us won the 4D lol.

I like to take photo of my colleague's daughter, she's always have some funny face expression.

First dish that is served is Sheung Tong Yuen Choi, there's garlic cloves and slightly fried century eggs in the soup too. Just a normal dish nothing that is too out of this world.

Stir-fried snails with garlic and dried shrimps. The way the do it is like stir-fried pork intestine. The snails is quite springy. Not too bad.

Special fried tofu is fried until crispy in the outside and still soft inside. Dip a bit of the special sauce give it an extra taste.

I forgot what dish is this, I think it's stir-fried mantis prawn with salted egg yolk. Up to standard with the salty egg yolk equally covering the prawn meat.

Lemon chicken. Normal.

Steamed fish in assam. Fish is fresh and the sauce is very appetizing.

Braised pork.

In short, Pantai Seafood Restaurant is just like any normal restaurant you find out there except maybe the exotic live seafood in the aquarium. If you just want to eat a normal seafood meal, there're many other cheaper and tastier restaurants. If you have the money to splurge then you can try out the exotic seafood here.


Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
Kg Sg Kayu Ara
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7725 5099/1099

Click here for map.

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Mei Yan
Babe KL


Ciki said...

food still looks damn good here! Have they tarred the road ar? i hate parking here..

Rayz said...


Simon Seow said...

Cumi & Ciki: I think the road still da same lol.

Rayz: go eat kekeke

eGo said...

IMO, i think u have to try the rest of the seafood before u can pass it as an okay restaurant man.

I think u're not doing the restaurant justice cos the dishes u ordered above are like u said, normal and nothing out of the ordinary. Try ordering the more specialized seafood, the spider crab, scotland clams and u'll see why Pantai Seafood is so famous for its seafood :)

Oh, not forgetting to mention, the seafood is fresh, the prawns, crabs and the fish :) isnt that the most important thing when u eat seafood eh?

jocelyncoco said...

the geoduck is nice *-*~

Simon Seow said...

Eugene: i did mentioned that if one want to come here for normal meal better don't, I didn't say that the other seafood is bad, I also wrote that i will come back to try the exotic seafood sometime.

Coco: haven't try geoduck before :(

foodbin said...

my fave seafood restaurant.

sookyee. said...

I'm gonna fail my diet plan again!!

haven't eat seafood for a long time!

Hayley said...

i went there last month.. it was my 1st time and was so excited to see all the live seafood in the aquariums!! we ordered the alaska king crab which cost us Rm400++ =__=""
but if i were given a chance, i will not hesitate to go there again. ;)

Simon Seow said...

foodbin: ah, then you must recommend to me what to order next time lol

sook yee: screw your diet lol

hayley: wah liao so rich ah you

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