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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LG Blog Launch

It seems to be a Hap Seng month last month because there's 2 events and 1 food review that I went to. The last one is LG Blog launching where invited guests dressed as Angel or Devil. It is also that this night that my camera lens really goes kaput. I noticed the problem when I see the pic I took with Aronil and Min Li.

This is what I meant by kaput.

There's a booth showing LG Arena. A touch screen phone.

You may have noticed that I went as Devil with Shrek ears.

LG is so nice to provide free pink cotton candy at the entrance. Brought back my childhood memory. ;)

Jane got so many balloons, that's why she won the collect the piece of paper inside the balloon game. She got home with LG DVD player? Not too sure because she didn't unwrap her prize.

Jolyn won a LG Cookies for the Most Confused Angel category and that's not lipstick mark on my face it's red wax.

RedMummy takes home a 32 inch LG LCD TV with her fabulous costume.

Some of the bloggers that I took picture with there.

Yennie Doll

Bernice and Carol. Nuffies.

Tey Cindy.

Pink Pork Chop that turned Gold recently.

Pam Pili

MY FM DJ Mei Yan

Kim Ong


It was a fun night. There's a lot of other bloggers there but I am lazy to put it all here :p Oh, most importantly, don't forget to get latest Life's Good happenings here. Ciao!


Taufulou said...

superman...u fly quite sloe lei..
thought LG party was quite sometime ago~ heheh

anyway..nice to meet you~

JOLYN GOH said...

I thought the red mark is from the cake cream etc... wat red wax?

Simon Seow said...

taufulo: yeah, i got a month of backlogs T_T

Jolyn: It's from the melted candle there, I wanted to make it like I have red tears.

hengjovi said...

yeer, tarak my picture :( LOL

soon seng said...

that was WAX? hahaha....

backStreetGluttons said...

You had all those delectable juicy women in one night ? OMG just like that playboy King !

Simon Seow said...

hengjovi: sorry, lazy to post so many pic

soon seng: yes ;)

BSG: whatler you

iriene said...

Waiting for ur StandOut party pictures leh! That day got win anything or not? Hope you do!
Glad to meet friendly Superman there... tks!

SGRMSE. said...

AWW, what a load of FUN! I love themed parties =D =D

wmw said...

You're definitely living up to your EPF nick! :p

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Superman Seow...How come not blogging abut Nuffnang one...

Show me more malaysia Superman, with "londeh" underwear!! Hahahahh~

Tey Cindy said...

who is TEY CINDY?! imma Flamer! lolz XD