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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hokkaido Ice Cream, Hokkaido Ichiba, The Gardens, Mid Valley City

I remembered that last two months I saw a new Japanese concept restaurant by Super Dining Group (the group that manages the Rakuzen chain of Japanese restaurant) was being renovated and will be open for business in mid of September. So a few days I ago I was at The Gardens so I drop be to have a look. The name of the restaurant is Hokkaido Ichiba.From the name I will think that it is a Japanese restaurant specialised in cuisine from Hokkaido. One of the famous dish from Hokkaido is of course the king crab.

Hokkaido Ichiba is actually consist of two eateries. Kita no Zen (北の膳), literally means Meal of the North and the other is an eatery for dessert, Hokkaido Ice Cream. Kita no Zen speacialized in Hokkaido food, sahimi, don, shabu shabu, ramen, teishoku and etc. The different of it with other Japanese restaurant is that the ingredients used used are mostly sourced from Hokkaido. I scanned through the menu and what caught my attention is a Sanshoku Don that has salmon roe, sea urchin and king crab meat which priced at RM38++.

I already had dinner so I chose to eat dessert in Hokkaido Ice Cream instead. From the menu I saw a lot of different way to eat ice cream. Not sure whether the ice cream is from Hokkaido or not but it's not too expensive. I will try out the Sanshoku Don next time.

I ordered Macha Crepe which is green tea ice-cream on crepe with azuki beans. Love the big Hokkaido red beans. The macha ice-cream is quite smooth too and not too sweet. I think the red bean is sweeter lol. Priced at RM 9.80 ++ this is not a bad dessert. I think if you it at Kita no Zen you'll be able to order the dessert from Hokkaido Ice Cream too.

I think I will try the Hokkaido Melon to Niagara Wine. Should be quite refreshing.

You can opt to buy the ice-cream by scoop too if you don't fancy the extra items to go with the ice-cream. Single scoop of 60ml cost RM 4.80 ++ and 40ml cost RM3.80. A double scoop of 40ml cost RM 6.80. Cheaper than other ice-cream outlet I think.

Oh they also offer the so call ice-cream teppanyaki here, which they call it Cold Table Parfait. The ice-cream will be "cooked" on the -16 degree Celcius cold table before serving.

The crepe is made freshly.

At around 8pm, Kita no Zen already full house but there's no one in Hokkaido Ice Cream except me lol, maybe it's because it is dinner time.

Nice that now we have Hokkaido specialty eateries in Malaysia. This is of course not the last time I'll be trying out the ice-cream dessert. I try it out again the next time I eat the Sanshoku Don at Kita no Zen.

*All prices exclude 5% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Hokkaido Iciba
T-201, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-612 1060 / 03-2283 3060

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Baby Sumo said...

Been wanting to try out this place... so far all the reviews been positive including yours. :)

Michelle Chin said...

So many new restaurants these days!

Simon Seow said...

Baby Sumo: go and have a try

Michelle: yeah, it's getting competitive. yet, I have not enough time and money to try them all.

Susan said...

For a moment I thot you really had gone to Japan! LOL!

Simon Seow said...

Sholee: huh? what made you think that at first?

eiling lim said...

OMG the crab is really huge!!! Wonder how it'll taste like.. hehe

Simon Seow said...

eiling: taste like a big crab? :P

Sandy said...

I had dined at this restaurant twice, but always end up too full to have the desserts. Next time must only have the ice-cream or eat the ice-cream before the meal. LOL.

Hayley said...

Oh I dint know about this outlet! If not I'd have tried it during my previous trip to KL..
But now that you mentioned, I better mark it down and pay a visit there!

Henry Lee said...

i went to the place before but didnt try any of the food there, is it worth? I mean does the taste good? the ice-cream? well next time i must try it! :)

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: A lot of new eateries popping up in Klang Valley. Yeah, u should marked it down. ;)

Henry: It's quite nice the ice-cream. Next time I'll try the melon one.

wen pink said...


Simon Seow said...

Wen Pink: If you're off then go and try it out or if you fly to Hokkaido then can eat better one lol

Rebecca Saw said...

goody! atr plc to eat in MV. we go brotzeit then come here fr desserts k? ;p

Simon Seow said...

Becky: yeah, you bring me to brotzeit coz you're regular there.

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