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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - Race Day

After visiting the Lotus F1 Team pit area on the second day. Finally, the Race Day has arrived. Since the race only starts at 8pm, so I didn't follow the group to go to the circuit at around 3pm. I went to have tea with my sister, bro-in-law, my mother and niece and nephew. Went to a place called Fruit Paradise Cafe in Raffles City Mall to eat their big fruit tarts.

Here's a teaser of the fruit tart. Full post later on. Now we concentrate on the Singapore Grand Prix 2010 Race Day.

Strawberry Chocolate Tart

I reached Gate 1 around 6.30 pm because I wanted to catch Sean Kingston performing. I saw a long queue waiting there at the Tattoo tent. Free temporary tattoo attracts the crowd lol.

Sean Kingston supposed to start at 7pm but all the sound checks and what not delayed the opening until 7.30pm. The Pit Grandstand where I will be watching the race isn't exactly near

Sean Kingston's official DJ.

Sean Kingston entertaining the crowd with his song.

Race almost starting and there's still quite a crowd watching him.

I was only able to listen to one song and then I have to rush to the Pit Grandstand because left only 10 minutes before the Formula 1 race will start. When I reached my seats on the Pit Grandstand the Formula 1 cars already at position. The pit crew are all out there doing final adjustments.

Our group all put up the Maxis Lotus F1 Polo T-shirt to show our support.

The Pit Grandstand is filled with people. Quite a view as compared to the two previous practice day where the seats were not even half filled.

And they are off! The crowd at the Grandstand all stand up and cheer. Okay. It's just the track testing round.

After 1 testing round around the circuit, all the cars are back into position. I think it took all the cars less than 2 minutes to get back to the starting point. Damn fast.

Once again, they're off and this time is the real thing. Alonso from Ferrari who is in pole position took the lead from the start.

We can only see the cars for like less than 5 seconds when they passed through. So we rely on the big screen in front of us to catch the rest of the actions.

This Singapore Grand Prix is filled with excitement from the start. One team already have enginge problem just 3 laps from the start and have to pull out. Safety car have to be activated because the F1 car stalled at the side of the track.

Not long after that Kobayashi (Team Sauber) crached is car into the side of a corner and another car ramped into it's rear. Both were out off the race. Safety car is out for another round.

Before I left the grandstand at about Lap 31 adn 32, we all saw how Lewis Hamilton try to overtake Mark Webber during a cornering and Hamilton hit Mark Webber's rear right tire and lost control and hit straight to the side. He took off the steering wheel and throw it off to the ground. He must be damn frustrated lol. But all the audience from the Pit Grandstand laugh and were so happy. Red Bulls fans a lot there wei.

Sad thing is that Heikki's (Team Lotus) car caught on fire in the engine two laps before the chequered flag. Lucky he's considered completed the race, unlike poor old Hamilton.

Actions from the Lotus F1 Team pit

The reason I left halfway is because I have to rush to Zone 4 which is quite far from Zone 1 where the Pit Granstand is to catch Pop Diva Mariah Carey. I reached the Padang Stage at 10.30 pm. Mariah Carey supposed to starts at 10.30 pm. As always, no concert will starts on time. Especially a Diva's concert.

All the nice spots were taken. I have to stand quite far back.

When I saw Mariah Carey on the big screen. OMG! What happened to her? She's really huge. Not only that. She started panting just after the first song. She will sings two song then go backstage for like 10 minutes and come back for another two songs and go backstage. She nearly fell down if not for her dancers that caught her during the 3rd song. Good thing is she still can do her Dolphin high notes.

Honestly, if I have to pay to watch Mariah Carey concert, I won't forked out that money lor.

I left Mariah Carey after she sang One Sweet Day with her long time friend whom is also the backup singer for that night. The backup singers really did a great job in backing her up at times where she has to take a breath between verse.

With that below expectation concert, marked the end of Singapore Grand Prix 2010. FIA is happy with Singapore organizing thie Grand Prix and wanted Singapore to continue for another 20 years but Singapore Government need to study the cost and benefit first before renewing their 5 years contract.

3 Splendid Days of fun and excitement.

Thank you Maxis and Lotus Racing Team for this trip, especially those that took care of us during the stay.

Great job guys!