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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Going Green With Digi Minus

I went to the presentation about going green in D'House, Shah Alam. Kucha pecha style. What I got is that we human has over consume the energy and natural resources of the earth by 1.3 earth. Which means 1 earth is now not enough to support our consumption, thus we are drying our earth. Sooner or later, (most probably quite soon) earth will be dying and so will us. Just by looking at the unpredictable weather and natural disasters happening recently, it's a tell tale signs from Mother Nature that the earth is very sick.

Digi as one of the big coporation in Malaysia did a lot of effort to help in the cause of putting back the green resources to earth. Paying back what we've used. Digi already started to go green internally by motivating their employees to car pool, those that car pool can use the car park inside the building. Discouraging from printing by putting a 12 key code to print. Encouraging customer to opt for e-billing instead of the traditional paper billing by giving rebate. There's a lot more effort like the new data center that is design with energy savings in mind.

After successfully implementing the steps to reduce the carbon footprint from within. Digi will now let the public to do their part in helping the world to reduce carbon footprint. Public can now visit the Digi Deep Green portal to find out more information about going green. Also, there are a lot of widget that user can customize on the portal, post information about green event, blogger can submit your green post too to the RSS there, contribute your idea of going green and more.

Ten Reasons to visit DiGi Deep Green site:

1. User-friendly interface that’s specially designed for green thumbs
2. Highly customizable widgets that give you the freedom to create your very own Deep Green site experience.
3. Stay in-the-loop with the latest and greenest news on the environment in Malaysia and around the world.
4. A place for eco warriors to look for sponsors to champion their causes.
5. Real-time updates on how your actions have actually helped save the environment.
6. A one-stop meeting place for green people to get to know more like-minded folk.
7. Search for Green Certified companies in Malaysia.
8. Make a real difference and hook up with the latest green events around Malaysia.
9. The best place to share the latest green innovations with friends. Just a click lets you post news on your Facebook and Twitter.
10. The definite destination for every seriously deep green blogger.

Now you have no more excuse of not helping the environment. Most of the information you need can be found in the Deep Green portal. Now you should minus your energy consumption and plant more green.

Thank you Digi for their effort in making the world better and also the small tree that was given to me. I've planted it in the garden already, hopefully it will grow into a big tree someday.