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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Johnnie Walker - Black Circuit Longue

Ok. Let's go back more than a month ago. I went to Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Longue event. I've posted a teaser post here.

Sighted a Johnnie Walker racing car. Never did I know that I'll be watching Formula One race in Singapore a month later.

Once I've registered and step in to Swedish Marque (Volvo car showroom at Jalan Sungai Besi) I was greeted by varieties of Johnnie Walker mix.

Spotted in the VVIP area is non other than Katherine. Looking fabulous as always.

Party with free flow of Johnnie Walker like this, one will surely bump into Eklern lol.

Wilson that got married recently was there too.

I bumped into a familiar face, Esther N. Saw her pic a lot in Facebook and blogs but I think this is the first time meeting her in person.

A pic with Katherine and her friends.

Sarah Lian was one of the co-MC of the event.

JW really knows how to heat up the party by inviting DJ Havana Brown (she's DJed for Grammy Awards after party). Everyone started to dance wildly to the music that she's spinning.

I got Tian Chad to camwhore with me while he was busy snapping DJ Havana's pic.

Oh. Namewee was there too. Go and support his latest album *黃明志好好野新歌+精選 CD+卡拉OKDVD*. All the best for gutso him.

我X你因為我愛你 I X U Bcos I Luv U by Namewee 黃明志好好野專輯第二主打:

I was walking around and this lenglui asked to camwhore. I of course obliged. :p

Took this picture of the Johnnie Walker girls before I left.

This is really a great event. Free flow of Johnnie Walker all night long, interesting finger food and even the valet parking is free of charge. What could I asked more?

Too bad I came late and missed seeing Dawn Yang. I would have ask to take a picture with her.

I'll just reuse the pic I took with her two years ago during Nuffnang Pajama Party. LOL.


eiling lim said...

so jealous. free drinks and so many pretty babes!