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Monday, September 22, 2008

DUDESWEET KL w KL: Featuring Salah Wrong

Simon Says: Happy Birthday to Nick, Kenny and Suanie. Wish you three all the best.

Last week I was reading KinkyBlueFairy and found out about a party that will be on the next day on Wednesday night in Cloth & Clef. Good. Since I don't have anything to do might as well go and gate crash the party lol. The party is named DUDESWEET KL w KL: Featuring Salah Wrong. Who's Salah Wrong?

Arrived there on the dot and found Biresh and Joyce having beer with some friends.

Biresh, Camelia, ? and Ashley.

Interesting menu design.

Cloth & Clef also sell some interesting art.

Someone brought a camera pack of Mild Seven from USA.

While waiting for the party to start, I did a bit of camwhoring.

Camelia and Ashley

Yes. Here's Salah Wrong which is Salah Chan and Joyce Wrong lol. If you read Joyce's blog you'll know that Joyce refer to Sarah Chan as SarChan.

Biresh and I doing the Colgate commercial.

Nur came out of no where to scare Camelia.

Joyce look so cute with the headphone on.

Another purpose of the party is to celebrate Kevin's birthday.

Kevin cutting his birthday cake.



Me with SarChan, guest DJ of the night.

Ian, architect by day, photographer by night lol.

I like the walls in the toilet.

I stole Joyce's hat and camwhore with her.

Apa tu?

Kian and Kevin.

Spotted a gorgeous from afar.

I like the tagline.

Promoting Juice Magazine wtf.

2nd time I see her but still don't know her name, 1st time I saw her here.

In the party I saw a lot of different fashion that you don't normally see on the street.

We have the Drag Queens.


I just like this pic that I took of the stairs.

The gorgeous from afar is actually Cynthia. Didn't recognize her at first because she look so different last I met her at Wild Live.

Nice to have beers and dance to some nice and happy music pick by Salah Wrong. I partied till about 2.30 a.m. then only I make my way home. Cloth & Clef is a nice cozy place to hangout in 30, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang. Thank you VICE MODERN DISCO : V.M.D for this party.

Spread it out.


backStreetGluttons said...

with so many pretty women in your life , you must be quite highly satisfied


suanie said...


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah..simon is doing his thing kao many chicks hor...

Christina Kim said...

Wow, seems like a cool party...lots of fun eh?
By the way, that photo of the staircase looks so eerie!! You should consider putting it in some scary movie's trailer or something...or wait till I write my story and I will get you to do the photography...hahaha:D

fatboybakes said...

hahah, living up to your reputation i see hor, simon.... better than james bond la you!

Simon Seow said...

bsg: wth

suanie: you're welcome, hope you had a great time celebrating

joe: huh, what is my thing?

christy: meaning you're horrible? lol just kidding :p

fbb: no lah, I only take pics while James Bond take off the clothes.