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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heineken Impulse, Heritage Mansion

Got an email from Joyce telling me about this event, and she wrote in the email that she will be there too. Since I am free on that day, and so off I went. The whole night I didn't see her appear in Heritage Mansion and later I found out why. -_-

Very random pic. Some kind of frog or toad found lost near my kitchen's window.

Admission is free that night, so no complain there. Great music, good band and I got a goodies bag for answering a simple question.

Junk is the organizer. Which is a magazine by Freeform which also publish KLUE and
Tongue In Chic.

Fill up a survey and get a Junk mag for free.

The group Drip from Philippine doing the sound check.

I was there on time but others were not on time.

Drip's CDs, I got one too.

Spotted a pretty girl sitting on the swinging chair.

An hour later.

First group to perform that night. Our local group, M. Their songs are kinda trance mixed techno.

My goodies bag. Inside there got Drip's CD, a Heineken bottle opener, and a retractable holder to hold the opener. I gave the opener to Panda.

That's the Panda in Black.

Tommy was there with his colleagues after a farewell dinner. I joined him later inside with his colleague. I think I went overboard with the booze there that night.

Drip performing. Nice trance music.

Because of the rain, Altered Image will have to perform inside.

Me with Drip.

Some of the guests there.

Tommy's colleague was plastered that night.

Tommy and his colleagues.

Me and Tommy's colleague.

Me with the girl at the table next to ours.

The girls from the table next to ours.

Ah, a bunch of fun people.

Thanks to Tommy and his fun colleagues I don't have to go home early that night. But when I went home, I was damn plastered until I vomited in the toilet. Let's hope there's more events like Heineken Impulse.


renaye said...

i used to be able to get junk magazine from kinokuniya but haven't seen that mag there for quite some time already. i'm just interested in the magazine's contests. :D said...

wahh alot of pretty chicks.. =)

marc said...

i'm building up my daily blog reading list man, so I'm blog-hopping. i've got to be honest, i haven't gotten around to reading yours; all those women distracted me lol.

anyway, i'm linking you up! hope you don't mind :)

..and PLEASE tell me you arranged a second date with some of those ladies ;)

Falcon said...

simon you seriously have a cool life....

Neo said...

Wah, I wanna lick those hot sexy chicks! lol.

Jackson said...

i just have to say again!! LUCKY SIMON!

Irenelim said...

Yo, so which hot chick you ended up with that night? *wink* *wink*

Simon Seow said...

renaye: lol

ahmike: this is not a lot

marc: so sorry, i didn't get their number

falcon: no, it's still doesn't match Mike Yip. lol

jackson: it's not about luck, it's about thick face to as for photo

irene: I went home alone.

Joycethefairy said...

sorry simon... :( i tried my utter best!

Simon Seow said...

Joyce: Just kidding lah. No need to say sorry. We didn't really make appointment to meet up also lol. Know you were sick. Take care.