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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Malaysian International Bakery & Confectionery Convention 2008

Simon Says: Happy Birthday! Sis.

Two months ago I went to the press screening of Red Cliff thanks to Nuffnang. After the press screening I got a call from Sidney telling me that there's a bakery convention going on in Mid Valley convention hall. So, I went in the convention hall to have a look.

Found out that not only there's exhibition of bakery and confectionery but also competition such as cake decoration, chocolate molding, baking and etc.

A ship made of chocolate.

One of the contestant's work on display for judging.

Of course, there's free sample of cakes. Yum, yum. ;)

The Simpson!

A contestant in the Chocolate Master category preparing the chocolate.

More free cake samples. Burp...

Cake decoration category?

I think she's doing the music theme cake.

Contesting work on display. Chinese chess army vs a dragon?

A palace or a mansion?

Again, more free cake samples. This time is cheese cakes. I think I'm starting to like this kind of convention.

Some contestant is up to date with current event. This is taken in July mind you.

What's that? Lizard made of chocolate?

There's a gaming convention going on at the same time in the next convention hall. Promoting Red Cliff online game that was launch simultaneously with the movie.

Ah, one of my favaourite pass time. Damn, selling so cheap now.

Oh guess who was there too? Scroll down to find out.







Yeap. Hellboy was there to make sure no demons or dark elves are giving problems.


Nic (KHKL) said...

woah, got free cake. hmmm, i wonder if they have a website. can check for next year's event already mah...hehehe

-eiling- said...

wow i should be going to the convention!

Missyve said...

I would of stolen the whole chocolates!

Simon Seow said...

nic: not sure, might have gua lol

eiling: oh yah wor, you're in charge of chocolate

Zoe: bah, it might be nice too look at but not nice to eat.