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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hancock and my Neighbour

This is Hancock.

He was our pet puppy for about two weeks before he was kidnapped by my neighbour and put him in their kopitiam as a stray-pet dog. I don't think his name is Hancock now.

Funny thing is, he's given to us by another neighbour.

Speaking of neighbour. Two weeks ago the neighbour next door cut some bamboo trees and left it outside. Some of it is blocking our side of the road.

There's actually a fire hydrant under those leaves mind you. As I'm writing now bunch of rubbish, leaves, and whatever is still there. They think the garbage collector will throw those bamboo trees away? Wrong. You have to pay Alam Flora to throw this kind of special rubbish lah woi.

See it blocks a big part or the road outside my house. It may attracts insect or even snake to live under it. Bloody hell doing nothing about it. Expect us to pay someone and throw their rubbish is it?

While their side of the rubbish is neatly arranged to that it won't be an obstacle on their side of the road -_- Lucky it's raining often nowadays, what if someone throw a cigarette butt in it on a sunny day?

It even block my car from parking outside my house. Ah, I got such considerate neighbours. One that give a pet to you, another to take the pet away from you and one more to give you idea to rant in your blog.


LianneK said...

you have interesting neighbour and under such circumstances, it will surely make my blood boil faster!

Anonymous said...

simon! make a report about ur neighbor. well the sad part is that to get feedback u'll have to wait for months or a year or man. i don't know.

make friends with that neighbor la. hopefully he'd be more considerate or something.

wmw said...

Eh, why didn't you ask for your dog back? You have photographic evidence that the dog is yours! As for the rubbish, ask your neighbour nicely, failing which you should just nicely "push" it back to their side :o)

Anonymous said...

the shirt's from bangkok laa

Anonymous said...

I used to have neighbour like that. They threw rubbish behind our house and brought dog to pee and poo under our mango tree =.="

Anonymous said...

You want 'ta siu yan' service or not? :P

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The dog is so cute...

blurryhunniee said...

the dog is so so cute.. why don't you try asking where they got it and hint that you just lost a pup which looks...well..exactly the same as the one they are having? may i ask how did they manage to dognap ur pup?

hmm..neways i have such neighbours too..throwing their rubbish outside our house. really getting to my mom's nerves. my mom curses in the house whenever they do such things.. LOL

simsimseow said...

Hey Bro,who was the neighbour who stole Hancock?

angelyee said...

Pity little cutey hancock..being kidnap..Steal it back la..

Simon Seow said...

lianne: yeah

samantha: If the pile of leaves doesn't disappear in another week, I'll go and ask them what are they going to do about it.

I was working when reading your blog so can't watch the video la.

wmw: I'm not the one that want to keep it, it's my cousin sister. If she not doing anything about it why would I do anything?

Rose: your mango tree must be very ong.

etc: what's the charge? ^_^

somewhere: yeah

blurryhunnie: he went wondering outside in the morning, my neighbour saw and thought it was a stray dog lor

sis: who else runs a kopitiam in our neighbourhood

angelyee: troublesome, besides he's too naughty

Anonymous said...

Thank your neighbor la, now you have so many things to write on your blog. Nice photos too. Haha... mind introduce your neighbor to me, chun chick ah? :)