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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing Grand Finale

Simon Says: Happy Birthday to Nick Wong, Mike Wong and Lisan.

I got a call from Nicholas of Nuffnang one fine evening, asking me whether I am free on 5th of September 6.30 p.m. before he told me what is it about, I already know what is it all about because I've already planned to use a pack of Clorets Mini Mints to go for the Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing Grand Finale held in Zouk Club, KL on Friday. Turns out I don't have to use the Clorets Mini Mints after all because Nicholas told me that I will get a VIP pass as a blogger with Nuffnang. This is what I've been expecting because I've covered the launching press conference and the finalist introduction press conference of this same event, which were also invitation from Nuffnang.

So, there I was in Zouk Club that night.

Bloggers and media queuing up to register and get the passes. That's Nigel over there always so sensitive to detect a camera is pointing his way.

The place where the judges are going to sit.

The crowds is getting warmed up.

The judges which is headed by the Managing Director of Cadbury Confectionery Malaysia. PamSong's colleague is Mr. Lee Szu Hung from McCann-Erickson was one of the judge too.

Let the show begins.

All the 15 finalists came on stage and prepare to dance.

First up, we have Issac and Auto.

Kyetherine and Shan

Samantha and Lili

Vyvyn and Emerald.

April and er...


After the introduction dance of the 15 finalists, Liang the MC invited Hannah Tan and Pietro on the stage to perform pole dancing moves that they learned.

Pietro with his blazer on and then he took it off.

Hannah and Pietro entertaining the audiences with their sexy pole dancing move.

Liang interviewing Pietro and Hannah after their performance.

Liang was then pressured to do pole dancing too.

It's gaming time for the audiences there. David and Kel Li were two of the volunteers to go up the stage.

They will be playing a game call Catch the Clorets Mini Mints, where the female partner throw the mints and the male partner have to catch it with his mouth while lying flat on the stage. The one pair that catches the most mints is the winner.

David waiting to be fed.

While Kel Li haven't a hard time feeding him.

Even though they came out last but they still got a goodies bag each.

Before the Grand Finale, 8 contestant from the 15 finalists has been shortlisted to compete in the Grand Finale. So that night we only saw the final 8 performed.

First one to perform is Auto. Combining pole dancing with martial arts, he created a new style of pole dancing.

Next is Frances doing Jazz style pole dancing

Kyetherine is the third to perform with her kinky style pole dancing.

Shan was up after Kyetherine.

Samantha performed in a very eye catching dress.

The sixth to come out is Lili. She got quite a lot of supporter there that night.

See what I mean? Her supporters even made a banner with her name on it.

Vyvyn is the second last to perform that night.

Last but not least Zoe came out and play with fire.

There was a short break after that for the judges to decide the top 5 and Liang invited some of the celebrity that was there that night to play a game of pole dancing with the audience.

Harith Iskandar in da house.

We then have the lead trainers from Viva Vertical to perform the advanced pole dancing moves.

The top 5 is Auto, Zoe, Sam, Lili and Kyetherine. They have to so 1 part eight steps move shown first by Lola of Viva Vertical and another 1 part free form.

All the other contestants were invited out on the stage before announcing the results.

And the Academy result goes to:

Kyetherine for the 4th Runner-up and Zoe for 3rd Runner-up.

2nd Runner-up goes to Auto, bringing home with him 6 months Celebrity Fitness membership and RM 2,000 cash. You make us male proud man.

1st Runner-up goes to Samantha. Bringing home with her 9 months Celebrity Fitness membership and RM 3,000 cash. She's happen to be a friend of my friend Yike too.

And the winner is? No need to suspense la. Left only Lili wat. Bringing home with her one year Celebrity Fitness membership and RM 5,000 cash. Congrats to you.

Group photo of all the contestants, judges, and guests.

Once again congratulation to the top 3 winners.

My friend Yike took picture with her dancer friends Shan and Samantha.

Time for me to take picture with some of the peeps there too.

With 1st Runner-up Sam.

My friend Yike.

The 3rd time taking picture with Hannah. The first time here and second time here.

With Kyetherine.

As Joshua wrote in his post, you'll see Leonard Chua there if Hannah Tan is there.

Signing off now. I've been following this event from June and suddenly it all comes to an end. LOL what the freak. So after the event Nigel, Joshua, Hwei Ming, David, Kel Li, Hsu Yen and me went to Oldtown in Cheras to meet up with Yatz. While Sheng Mae and Cincau Hangus went home.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. You covered the event well :)

Anonymous said...

simon! pick one of 'em pole dancers for a date ;)

Anonymous said...

Wah, hebatnyer!

Anonymous said...

Wooooo, nice pole dancers!!

Pam Song said...

Wah. Not my colleague leh. My BOSS! Haha.

BublaKong said...

wowww....they really need lotsa strength to do all those stuns.

i like those with nice legs one!!! =P

Simon Seow said...

Rose: thanks

samantha: I wish

jason: yeah, nice to cover event lol

ahmike: yupe, not too bad for amateur

pamsong: yeah I know, Creative Director wor sure big shot la but I don't want to heboh-heboh lol. Besides you work with your boss not for your boss so he's your colleague too la.

lydia: yeah, really need strength and stamina.

David Cheong said...

lol had to put me there lah haha

Jackson said...

waaa.....celebrity blogger! u made it again!!!