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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Moon Represent My Heart

Simon Says: Happy Birthday to you Skyler. Don't rant too much now if not you'll get old very fast :P

One of 鄧麗君 (Teresa Teng)'s most famous song is 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represent My Heart) but there's a scientific report that says the moon is drifting away about 1.5 inches from the Earth every year. If the moon represent my heart then will this means my heart is drifting away from you every year? So when someone sang this song to his/her lover, does this mean he/she loves is degrading? LOL. Okay enough of the nonsense.

Last Saturday, I went back to maternal family's house to have Mid Autumm Festival dinner. Celebrate one day earlier because Sunday don't have to work mah, except for me lah. I have to work on Sunday night. Anyway, it's been a long time I haven't have homemade dinner already, last I think was during this year Chinese New Year when I went to Singapore and my mum cook.

My mum's side has a very big family due to the fact that I have three maternal grand mothers. My mum is the 9th and the youngest daughter and she has two younger brothers which is my 6th and 7th uncle. In short, I have 8 yi ma and 7 kao fu. Most of the cousins are older than me and some are younger than me. Some of the older cousins are married and have children of their own. So you can imagine how big the family is. That is why dinner have to be serve in two tables and separate into two sessions. That night only half of the whole family were there.

It's time to dig in. I was in the first session with my 3 yi ma, 4 kao fu and his wife, 4 yi ma and 4 yi jiong, 6 yi ma, mang kao and his family (youngest kao fu), Ching biu cheh and her family (elder cousin sister), and Ling biu cheh and her family. Some dishes are prepared by 2 kao moh and some are prepared by 4 kao moh. Both are very good cook.

Fish belly and pig stomach soup. Can I name it 雙肚湯 (Double Stomach Soup)?

I think this is the first time I ever drink soup of this combination. If the pig stomach is changed to lamb stomach instead then we'll have a very 鮮 'fresh' soup. Anyway this soup is really tasty, is interesting that this combination works. I had a big bowl that night.

Stir fried mix vegetable with prawn.

This consists of celery, carrot, and a flat bean which tasted a lot like season bean. Best of all is that it's not too oily like most of the stir fried vegetable you eat in the restaurant. I especially like the flat bean. Say yes to home cook food.

Roast duck.

A typical Chinese festive dinner won't be complete without Donald. Yes, that's roast duck to you. It's bought from outside but taste delicious nevertheless. Find that the meat is not overladen with fat like some that I've eaten before. Should have ask my kao moh where she bought it.

Steamed whole chicken including the organs lol.

If there's duck then there must be chicken too. If goose is very common in Malaysia then we might also find a roast goose on the table too. As Chinese will always has to have 雞鵝鴨 (chicken, goose, and duck) on a festive dinner. A rich family will even add in 豬牛羊 (pork, beef, and lamb). Steamed to the right timing and goes especially well with the soya sauce mixture that my 4 kao moh prepared. I forgot to ask for the recipe :p Too bad there's no 芥末 (Chinese mustard) that night, I always like to eat steamed chicken with a lot of 芥末 and my runny nose will feel so much better lol.

Boiled kai-lan (Chinese broccoli) top with soya sauce, oil and garlic.

Fresh and sweet and not boiled for too long. I ate almost half the plate of kail-lan. Very less oil is used so this is a very healthy dish.

Sorry to say that the best dish of the night is the mixed seafood in broth and I didn't take the picture. The ingredient includes abalone slice, fish belly, squid, octopus, and enoki mushroom. I was so into this dish that I didn't even eat much of the duck and chicken. One word can describe this dish, 鮮. I can't find an English word that can describe the taste, sorry.

Qi gu with pork.

One of the dish that will always find it's way on the table during festive dinner like the reunion dinner during CNY and of course the Mid Autumn Festival dinner. I don't really know how to translate qi gu to English. This dish is too salty to eat on it's own, so we normally wrap it with lettuce and eat.

I think that's all the dishes I ate for that night. It is of course eaten with steamed white rice. Home cook food is always the best and eating eat with your relatives is priceless. Wish you all a belated Happy Mid Autumn Festival here, last but not least...

Ruth want to say hi.

My cute cute niece, Ruth Lim Fey Ann.


Anonymous said...

msian dishes!!!!

LilMeJo said...

nice dinner u got there...
wish u a belated Happy Mid Autumn Festival too =)

Jackson said...

wahlau... so much good food! i love the chicken!!

Christina Kim said...

Family reunion is always nice...and you've really got a BIG family!
The double stomach soup? Ermmm...not for me:p

Rynne Lee said...

miss my hometown =( my family used to cook a lot for celebrations too =) happy mooncake festival!

[FnG] insideout said...

Nothing's best but a homemade dinner aye? I love cooking ;)

-Just another blog-hopper :P

winnie thye said...

Such yummy food! Ruth is so big already :)))))) so cute... have puppy eyes like the uncle :)))))

sc said...

nothing like home cooked food eh? hey, i'm like you too, have a huge extended family (paternal side) with 9 aunts and 5 uncles..but, all from 1 grandmother! :p

ling239 said...

din know Fish maw can go with pig stomach...:p

Simon Seow said...

kif: come back for holiday lor then you can have

jolyn: thanks, and I'm not a liar :p

jackson: ah the chicken not bad

christy: why? the soup is very tasty

rynne: same to you

fng: thanks for dropping by, yupe home cook ftw!

winnie: yeah she's 2 year old adi, what I have puppy eyes? got meh?

sc: wow, your grandma is awesome

ling: yeah, I don't know that either b4 this dinner

LilMeJo said...

then then scan n show to me...PROOF!!
P.S. i want to have that copy too

Simon Seow said...

jolyn: gave to the old newspaper man adi :p

LilMeJo said...

uhuhuhu.. so bad