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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Classified Ads As Easy as Mudah

Ever trying to sell something on the Classified Ads on a newspaper? You will have to pay maybe about RM 50 to RM 70 for very small square column of the something that you want to sell and beg readers to notice your ads. That's the fee for maybe 2 to 3 days?

Now that I found out about an online, posting up free classified ads is now as easy as mudah lol. Best of all it's free of charge. You can post a classified ads if you want to sell something, like your old Nokia handphones or even your playstation or playstation 2 that you haven't touch in ages because you've bought a new playstation 3. You can also post ads for jobs or job vacancy, for parents might be looking for tuition teacher or even company that wants to hire a clerk.

To post an ads is really easy. Just fill in the form like the one shown below:

One can post it as a private or company. As for me, of course I'll choose to post as private. Currently I can't think of anything to that I wanted to sell. I don't have money to buy a new car so I won't be selling my current one. I don't own any property so will not be selling or renting any. Real estate agent will surely like to post their ads to sell or rent out properties they deal with.

Browsing through the Wanted list, I can see people are posting ads looking for exhaust pipe, a room to rent, hiring Senior IT Trainer, and etc. So the list is endless on what you're looking for. I wonder can I post up an ad like this "Single handsome male looking for pretty female aged between 18 to 25 as girl friend" Nah, I'm not that desperate yet.

Then in the For sale list one can see like book keeping services for sale, Mont Blanc perfume, and even a Porsche Cayenne. Browsing through, I find that second hand car is one of the most popular ads posting. More people selling their cars and take the public transport because of the fuel hike? I even found someone selling Chihuahua here, so if you want to look for a pet dog, this might be a good place to start to look for a pet bargain. Surely the pets for sale here is cheaper from the pet shop.

Another good thing about is that you can search the ads and filter it out not only by categories and location but also price range and for property the number of bedrooms and the size of the property. This is good for someone looking for a room to rent for those that came to Klang Valley to work and need a place to stay or for someone to purchase a property.

Ah, now I can post ads to sell my American comics like my Wolverine #50 special die-cut edition or The Amazing Spider-man #400 with special White cover in Mudah. Hope that the comics are now worth something after keeping them for more than 15 years. Any buyer out there?


Anonymous said...

Nope, I don't fancy the comics. But perhaps I can list my clothings there for sale eh? Or perhaps list my clothings on for sale? Wakakaka!

choi yen said...

I sold a few things here :)

Anonymous said...

Can I sell my purity on

Anonymous said...

I found another classified site specifically for real estate only. it allow posting and finding property from a map.

very convenient

the site is:

Simon Seow said...

irene: you think my blog traffic is more than 1k meh

mimid3vil: ah, which means a useful tools

kif: ahem..cough do you still have cough purity?

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

dear friend,

do u've BBQ LAND & STEAMBOAT BUFFET KUANG's phone no at SG BULOH, SELANGOR @ been there? some said d price just below rm20/pax!


mal handsome

plz sms me +60128624623 or
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missX said...

I'll sell Simon, Lolx ;P

Simon Seow said...

jasmine: how much you're selling me? :p

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

my DEAR friend,

do u think this article is RACIST?

if YES, plz do not hesitate 2 make a police report NOW 2 d nearest station!

so our country will b in HARMONY, 4ever...


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