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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hot Girls That I Take Picture with in Hennessy Artistry, Orange Club

Again thanks to Nuffnang and Hennessy VSOP, I got invited to the 4th Hennessy Artistry for me this year alone. This time the event is held in Orange Club, KL. Featuring Shayne Ward, Until June and The Dey. Honestly I have not idea who were they because when I go to club I just groove to the music and not the performer or the DJ :p and as in Hennessy Artistry, I go there for free booze and to camwhore with hot girls and cool guys there.

This time I wore blue Hawaiian shirt instead the normal red long sleeves shirt that I wore here, here, and here. KY even asked why am I not wearing that shirt. Ok long story short, time to introduce the girls I met there.

Ginny, always see her in most events I went too.

Kel Li that stay only for a short while and then hop to Euphoria.

Ah, the princesses, Princess Lady Jane & Princess Steph

Fireangel still burning hot.

Zoe Yve with her booze apple juice.

StephK, Sue and half hidden Zoe

Miss Wong Wenqi that went home very early that night.

Levy that just came back from Stylo in Singapore.

Olivia that I've met a few times already. It's fun to see familiar faces in event like this.

Rachel Haw's friend Amanda

Amanda's friend Rachel Haw. LOL.

Suanie, no introduction need right?

Elaine Chow

Elaine Daly

Adeline aka Babychyu and I didn't curl my hair. It's naturally curled when my hair is long.

Align Center
Amanda the Panda posing with a stolen hat.

This is Kwen, she's Adeline's friend from the Pepsi ads shoot in that has Louis Koo in it. Read more about it here.

FA's friend Jia-Li

Jia-Li's friend Novell

Nadia Ho.

Joyce was not there (very unusual, too many drinks yesterday in Clef & Cloth) so I took pic with her brother Nicholas. LOL.

Last but not least, the hottest girl or girls. Whatever.

That's about the girls I met that night. That's maybe only less than 10% of them lol. You guys want to see the cool guys I met? Maybe tomorrow.


Randy said...

cool stuff!
BTW, isn't this the girls section? Why nicholas here one? haha...

Also it should be "took pictures" not "take picture".. hahaa..

But That's a good job, coz I prolly wouldn't have clicked if not for the grammar :p..

See ya around bro!

Simon Seow said...

I just realize the Take and Took mistake once I post it up but who cares, I'm not writing an English essay for exam.

Hehehe, purposely post it up to show that Joyce is absent.

kellster said...

wah mana ada hot saya?
thank you thank you:P

and euphoria rocked!


Carrie Tai said...

wow... hot girls with hot man.

Anonymous said...

You forgotten about me. How could you!!! >_<"

LilMeJo said...

whoa.. simon.. u memang lucky sial..

Simon Seow said...

kelz: you're welcome

cheddarina: yeah, I'm hot :P

celine: you also forgot about me lor.

jolyn: er.. is that luck? no lah.

LilMeJo said...

if ur not lucky, tayar pancit cannot go, fever, camera no batt, so on and etc.. lol...

eiling lim said...

saw you there too!

fatboybakes said...

hahah, living up to your reputation i see!

Anonymous said...

wah so many lengluis. btw, u look the same in every pic :P

curryegg said...

wow... again, Simon with lot of leng luis... :D

Sean Lon said...

Wow! alot of hot chicks here la! Lucky man! :)

Anonymous said...

Wahhhhh... is this part of your job?

Simon Seow said...

Oops. Forgot to reply to the comments here. Better late than never. LOL

Jolyn: If you put it that way. Ok lor. I'm a lucky bastard.

Eiling: You should have come over and camwhore with me.

FBB: Er... what reputation? lol

xin: yes, that's my right angle

Kelly: too bad you're not there if not I'll have one more leng lui to take pic with

Sean: clubbing event is usually fill with them

Etc: I wished.