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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., The Curve

Simon Says: Happy Birthday to Angel Yee today, and to Cherie, Holly and Evon tomorrow on Friday.

Last Monday I was able to get hold of the long time MIA Babychyu that haven't updated her blog for almost two months now due to her move to work in Klang Valley. She just settled in her rented place and now busy with her work already. I asked her out for dinner and we chose to meet in the Curve.

Met up with Chyu and we haven't decided where to eat. Crossed Kim Gary out because we're kinda bored with it already. So, I took the decision to dine in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., which I read about it in few food blogs but still haven't try it out yet.

My Mango Sparkler with Mango, Lemonade, Orange Juice and Lemon-lime. Chyu say it tasted like pineapple.

At first we sat inside, after a while we felt that it is quite stuffy like there's no air-con or any wind blowing in. So, we shifted our place to the balcony. Much better.

When we're still inside.

Chyu taking picture of the menu for reference.

You'll see this bucket on every table. Which consists of the roll of tissue paper, ketchup, malt vinegar, Tabasco sauce, and wet tissues. Some of the food here needs you to get your hand dirty, that's why the big roll of tissue.

The FOC Jacob biscuit while you're waiting for the food. It's before buka puasa time and the waiter asked us whether we were Muslim before we order lol.

This is our first time here, so the waiter explained to us the use of the road sign on the table.

This means to tell the staff to run away we don't need any service lol.

This means to that we need to be serve by a staff and ask them to come over.

While waiting for our food. Take pictures lor.

My mama always says, "Life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you gonna get."

Chyu never heard of Forrest Gump before when I tried to explain the concept of this restaurant is based on the company that Forrest Gump setup as a promised to his best friend Bubba in the movie. I don't blame her though, she might only be still in primary school when the movie

Cajun Shrimp

Started off with succulent shrimps stir-fried with olive oil and garlic and some other stuffs that I don't remember lol. This dish is nice. The shrimp is so succulent-ly fresh that it literally bounce in my mouth when I bite into it. The garlic bread that comes with is is also very rich with garlic butter. Now I know why some foodies like it that much.

Rating: 4/5

Camwhored with the shrimps wtf.

Run Chicken Run

Basically it's diced chicken salad in balsamic vinegar with olive oil salad dressing and a bit of cheese. The portion is quite big. Tasted normal for me but Chyu say it taste weird. Maybe she's not used to this kind of salad dressing (Thousand Island kind of people). The apple gives the salad a fresh taste. In the end, I'm the only one finishing this up as Chyu only took a few bites. Need not to say that there's quite a bit of leftover.

Rating: 2.5/5

Captain's Fish & Chip

The fish is fresh and the batter is not too thick. Taste great when eaten with the Malt Vinegar that sits in the bucket. The chips also not bad but we can't finish them because I have to finish the salad and Chyu is not a big eater. Next time I'll skip the salad. One question though, isn't it not very healthy to serve food on a piece of paper printed with words?

Rating: 3/5

Sprinkle this on the fish and voila.

Chyu with her chip.

Camwhoring starts again after dinner.

As with any other American themed restaurant, there's memorabilia for sale.




Overall, the food here is not bad at all. There's still some other dishes that I want to try. So, will make a return trip here later. Anyone want to join me?


The Curve, Lot 145,
1st Floor,
No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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Hayley said...

i miss Chyu and her blogs =(

curryegg said...

Lovely photos... wow... Now I really feel hungry.... T_T

Anonymous said...

went there once too :D really like the food, and yr companion is so pretteh!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

had it once with the chunky camera..dont mind going again for the photos..but but..

on a diet la!!! y ur request so wrong timing 1..hehe

HairyBerry said...

woah, good food, good company, good view...i so jealous!!! hahaha!

next time must ask you out for makan already. bring friends, ya! :D :D :D

Simon Seow said...

hayley: yeah, wait for a while more. she's kinda busy.

kelly: sorry to make u hungry :p

xin: yeah the food great, yupe Chyu is pretty.

joe: screw the diet!

nic: bloody hell, you come back also don't call me for food.

twosuperheroes said...

Perhaps you can try their Mama's Southern Fried Chicken next time... It was really good the last time we had it! :p

Christina Kim said...

I've been wanting to try it when I first saw it in the news!! Seems like there were pretty good reviews so far....

Haha...I liked the Run Chicken Run...somehow the words just sound so hilarious to me:p
And yeah, they should not serve food on a paper which had printing; it's hazardous to health and a danger to consumption!!~

Anonymous said...

She's still as pretty as ever :D

Tell her ahlost misses her so much that she clicks her link everyday :D

ling239 said...

i guess as long as i remember Cajun Shrimp i wont go wrong right ? ^_^

eiling lim said...

the place not too bad la. Just a lil bit too oily.

missX said...

Great food and great date ;)
I love the prawns esp.

choi yen said...

Interesting themed restaurant~~

Anonymous said...

very nice place to enjoy meal... cool, I also wish i have chance to visit there

Anonymous said...

Yummylicious!!! So it's value for money eh?

Simon Seow said...

twosuperheroes: oh, will surely try it next time, thanks for the recommendation.

christy: yeah you should go try, not bad one the food. they do have some funny names for the food lol

Rose: sure boh?

ling: yeah, there's still a lot of other food

eiling: yeah, the cajun shrimp quite loaded with oil

jasmine: i think that's their specialty thus the name Shrimp Co.

mimid3vil: yeah, I like the movie Forest Gump.

icalyvn: why you don't have chance to visit?

etcmum: yupe, i say it's value for money. bring your hubby and boy boy here to eat lah.