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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lucky Dessert (發記甜品), Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

It has arrived. Alas, some nice people from Malaysia has brought the famous Hong Kong Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) to our shore. Opening the first outlet in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. Now I am damn jealous of those staying near there. Last year I went to Hong Kong and had dessert in Lucky Dessert there not once but twice. First time I went to their HQ in Sham Tseng and the second time went to their outlet in Mongkok. This time, I don't have to fly over to Hong Kong anymore, I just have to drive 20 minutes from my house and go to Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.

Lucky Dessert organized a food (consists of desserts only) tasting session last Friday and I was lucky enough to be one of the invited. I think thanks to my post on Lucky Dessert Hong Kong last year, muahahaha. Once I stepped into the shop, I was greeted by a familiar pictures of celebrities that I saw in the HQ outlet in Sham Tseng.

Showcasing the Hong Kong celebrities that has been patronizing Lucky Dessert.

The deco in the outlet is the same as the modern outlets found in Hong Kong. Only the HQ kept as the old school family oriented deco that has been there for decades.

I also invited two leng luis to enjoy the dessert with me.

We also bumped into Saimatkong. He's now very into his Kia Forte.

Some of the foodies that I know were there too. Ken, Taufulou, Jocel and BBO. I later found out that Mimid3vils was there too but we weren't able to meet each other.

Taufulou happily waiting for his desserts.

The founders flew all the way from Hong Kong to teach the staff here how to make Lucky Dessert's desserts. The desserts that we're going to taste that night are made by the master from Hong Kong.


Okay. Let the tasting begin.

Start with Mango Roll 芒果糯米卷 (RM 12). Fresh mango meat wrapped with glutinous rice roll and sprinkled with coconut flakes. The mango is very meaty and the I like the solid texture, unlike some mangoes that is too soft.

Mango Roll 芒果糯米卷 (RM 12)

Next up, it is mango dessert again but this time it's Mango Wrapz 芒果班戈 (RM 10). Taste exactly the same as I've tasted in Hong Kong. Generous amoung of fresh diced mangoes and whipped cream. What I like is that it's not too sweet, just the right taste. Wrapped with a soft and pancake skin that has the very nice eggy taste. It's like eating crepe.

Mango Wrapz 芒果班戈 (RM 10)

Paradise Herb Italian Jell-O (RM 13) is one dessert that I wanted to eat when I was in Hong Kong but the two outlets I went to is out of stock. So I am very happy that I get to eat it here. The sauce of milk? Not too sure. Tasted a bit bland, so it will be better to eat it with the fruits. The reason it is called Italian Herb Jell-O is because it is a very long cincau that is just like a thick spaghetti. You have to give it to the creativity of the Hong Kong people of thinking up such a thing.

Paradise Herb Italian Jell-O (RM 13)

Very long cincau

Very long.

If it's Hong Kong dessert, then the Trinity Mango Delight 招牌杨枝甘露 (RM 11) is one of the signature dessert. Mango, pamelo and sago soup. Very interesting combination.

Trinity Mango Delight 招牌杨枝甘露 (RM 11)

Looking at the picture below, you would have think that it is Trinity Mango Delight but if you are there, the smell would have gave it away. This is the durian version of Trinity Delight that was created by Lucky Dessert, a break from the traditional. Trinity Durian Delight 榴莲飘香 (RM 11) is one dessert that durian lover must order. What more, they don't have to import the durian like they did in Hong Kong because durian is our local fruit here in Malaysia. So, I can say that the Trinity Durian Delight here will be better than if you eat it in Hong Kong. LOL.

It's kind of sad that the people from Hong Kong can come up with a durian dessert that us Malaysian that don't even think of.

Trinity Durian Delight 榴莲飘香 (RM 11)

Generous amount of durian meat.

After the Trinity Durian Delight, my stomach starting to cry for help already and the desserts keep on coming. Another way of doing durian dessert. This time is a warm durian dessert that takes a lot of time to prepare. Durian Krisp 焗榴莲酥皮卷 (RM 15) is recommended to be eaten while it is warm. The skin is so crispy that words and picture can't describe it, hence I took a video to show the crispiness. Crispy on the outside and soft in the inside, it just melts when I put it in my mouth.

Durian Krisp 焗榴莲酥皮卷 (RM 15)

Just when we think that is the last of it, the nice people from Lucky Dessert dish out another surprise for us. OMG. So many desserts in one meal but I'm not complaining :p

Lucky Purple Rice 金粟紫米露 (RM 8), which is purple rice sweet corn soup serves hot or cold. Quite a traditional Cantonese dessert but the one that I had else where doesn't have such a big purple rice. It's more water than purple rice. Lucky Dessert's one, there's more purple rice than water.

Lucky Purple Rice 金粟紫米露 (RM 8)

Phew. My stomach is so bloated after all that desserts. Now I know where to go if ever I am craving for Hong Kong dessert. Lucky Dessert will give the other dessert competitions a run of their money now that they've started to expand into this region. The outlet in Sunway Giza is just a start, there will be more outlets soon.

By the way, if you want to win two air tickets to Hong Kong then you must drop by Lucky Dessert and take pictures of the desserts and then join their Facebook Page contest. If you are not joining then please help 'Like' my picture here, so that I can win the air tickets to Hong Kong. Thanks ;)


Lucky Dessert (發記甜品)
C-11-G, Sunway Giza 2, Jalan PJU 5/14,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 6148 3798

The outlet is facing outside instead of inside Sunway Giza. Look for the entrance near Ipoh Ipoh and Uncle Prawn from inside Sunway Giza. Go out the entrance and turn left. Walk straight and you'll be able to see Lucky Dessert.

Facebook Page: Lucky Dessert

Map, click to enlarge.


Hayley said...

Wow, look at those yummy desserts!! *drooling*
My sister in law stays near there, must pester her to bring me already! ^^
Thanks for the review by the way!

ai wei said...

sounds sweet and lovely. sadly, unable to make my way over that night :(

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: yeah, you better get ur sis in law to bring you there haha.

Ai Wei: yalor, sad couldn't see you there T_T

J said...

Hmmm.. Although I'm sad I couldn't make it, I'm also a bit happy - so much durian around! I would have fainted and died..... lol.

Chris J said...

All the images of these desserts are amazing...yummy !!! i really want to taste them. You provide really a fantastic review.

Simon Seow said...

J: oh you don't like durian one lol.

Chris: Thanks for the compliment. Go try it.