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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Runway 101 2nd Season Finale

I was late to the Finale of Runway 101 2nd Season due to clashes of events. I was at Hot Magazine Birthday bash at Euphoria, MOS before I make it to HELP College, which is not the venue when I see that the college is dark and quiet.

Had two glasses of this in Hot Magazine party

It's because this 2nd season of Runway 101 has moved to a bigger venue, which is still in Bukit Damansara thank god. It's held in the Community Center of Bukit Damansara. Not only it has a bigger venue, this time there's also a big stage for the models/contestants to catwalk on. I made it in time for their final catwalk which they will be wearing ballroom dress.

Without further ado, here are the twelve finalists doing their final catwalk in Runway 101 Season 2.

Mikko Tan, she won Best Photograph

Tzee Hui

Kimberley Han

Saki Gao

Jade Veronica

Simren Gill

Aurelia-ann Valentina de Souza

Mishael Sue

Melanie Teo, she won Audience's Favourite

Symren Kaur

Jo-Ann Tan

So, who is the winner for this season's Runway 101?

Before that, let us give a round of applause to the hard working organizing committee that made this a success. IPRMSA HELP University team Led by non other than Dennis Khor.

Who will be the winner?


The winner is Symren Kaur. Congratulation.

A big thanks and appreciation to the celebrity judges.

Andrea Fosenka. Model and Miss Universe Malaysia that is now the National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia organizing the Miss Universe Malaysia. She's invited a few of the finalists there to take part in Miss Malaysia Universe 2011.

Amir Lugman. Talented local fashion designer. The winner walks away with a dress design by him that is worth RM 2,000.

Girls. Here's Hans Issaac. He is so generous that the top up the what ever proceeds that were collected from this event that is to be donated to MERCY Malaysia. They managed to collect RM 5,500 from ticket sales and etc. Hans top it up with another RM 5,500 making the total donation to MERCY RM 11,000. Woot!

Last but not least, Andrew Tan. CEO of Andrews Models, a very well known talent agency in Malaysia and the world.

One last round of photo opportunity.

No wonder Melanie won the Audience's Favourite. She's so many fans here.

You think only girls like Hans Isaac? Think again.

Last but not least, yours truly trying to look like a rocker wtf.

Once again, congratulation to Dennis and his team for a job well done. I heard from him that all twelve finalists get to be Toni and Guy hair models for one year and will get free hair make over from them.


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

wtf~ u r d paling super kacak. Hans Isaac pun kalah weh. WAHAHAHA..

eh Andrea Fonseka mmg cantek sekali.

Simon Seow said...

Nicole: LOL. Thanks thanks, I know I am leng chai, you don't have to tell everyone :p

Too bad she's too busy after that so no time to take picture with me

melmonica said...

Wow, Dennis is really making it big ya. Hehe. He has come a long way since high school. We went to the same school. Such a small world hehe. Cheerios~

Simon Seow said...

Mel: yeah he's very good at this. I heard from him that he already got job offers.

Ms and Mr Red Ribbon said...

will always love Hans Isaac :)
noce pixies :)

Simon Seow said...

Red Ribbon: thanks.

Anonymous said...

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