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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tweeples It's Time You Join Churp Churp!

I think I joined Churp Churp back in March 2010. That is when not many people know about Churp Churp. You don't know what is Churp Churp? Well, it is the sister company of Nuffnang. While Nuffnang is a platform for bloggers to earn some side income from blog ads and gather to mingle with other bloggers from events, parties or movie screenings, Churp Churp is almost the same thing for people that might not have a blog but do Tweet a lot or update their Facebook status very frequently.

Since I have a blog and I tweet and update my Facebook quite often, I am proud to say that I joined both Nuffnang and Churp Churp. Click here for more FAQ on Churp Churp, I'm not going to explain it in this post lol.

Why did I join Churp Churp?

Churp Churp Earned Me Side Income:

Since I met the minimum requirement of followers on my Twitter account so I wish to put it to good use so that I can earn a bit of side income from something that I already doing so often, which is tweeting. Those of you that didn't know, Churp Churp started with Twitter platform first before they added Facebook as another of their social media ads platform.

It's another nice way of earning a bit of extra pocket money for you students out there. Why waste it when you can earn by Tweeting. It might not be much but slowly you'll be able to chalk up a nice amount of earnings from Churp Churp ads campaign.

This is what I currently earned from Churp Churp since March. Yes, I know it's not much but hey at least I can have a few decent meals with the moolah.

Churp Churp Share the Good News:

Every since I received ads from Churp Churp for me to tweet. I found that I know about promotion, discount, new product and etc way before it was announce in the news or Internet. The nice thing about it is that I am able to share it first hand to my friends and followers. Like that #FreeBeer campaign that I've done for Tiger Beer because of that so many people are able to know about it and get free beer. Isn't it nice sharing good news about free booze?

It's nice to know that some of them found out about #freebeer because of Churp Churp.

There's actually a lot of great bargains announced through Twitter from Churp Churp. See the recent Air Asia tweets about free seats, great prices, high discount and what not. I know a few of them were able to buy zero fare air tickets just by clicking on the link in the tweet.

Churp Churp is not only about $$$:

Sometime I think to myself, I join the Nuffnang or Churp Churp is it really for the money alone? Well, some will tell me that I can earn a lot more by jumping ship to another blog ads company. I will always think back about the event and people that I met in parties and movie screening, and stick with the same blog ads company. Churp Churp is not that different too. Although, there might not be big events for now from Churp Churp, they do organized fun and great outings for the Churpers.

Just recently, some of us Churpers went to fly some kite in Taylor's University, Lakeside Campus. It is a very fun and fulfilling outings. Yes, it's not a big event or anything grand but it's something simple yet a lot of fun to do that I've never tried before. As, Timothy said,"It's more fun than playing Starcraft 2".

Churpers having fun flying kites.

It is time for you that haven't join Churp Churp to take action now so that you can also enjoy the benefits that I got from Churp Churp. Also follow me on my Twitter for get more updates on the bargains. LOL.


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