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Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Party at 7ASTE Monte Carlo

Updates! I forgot to put Emeryn's pic in. So here it is.

I got VIP invitation to the 7ASTE Monte Carlo party last Friday at Ecoba, Damansara Perdana. I get to invite 10 of my friends to join in the fun, not only that I got a table reserved under my name and the best of all is that I will have 3 bottles of sparkling wine waiting for me. Well the non-VIP also not too bad because there's free flow of Carlsberg all night long while stock last.

I arrived quite early to avoid unnecessary long queue. You won't believe the crowd at a 7aste event. It's crazy. I bumped into Jack and Rachel at the entrance. They were Tian Chad's guest.

Jack waiting the 7aste girl to check he's registration.

After registration, I went to get my VIP pass and chips and table number from the VIP counter behind. The 3 chips are used to exchange for the 3 bottles of sparkling wine from the bar.

As the theme of the party is Monte Carlo, there are two casino style games that the guest can try to play and win some awesome prize. Of course, there's no money involves as this is not a gambling place, it's just some fun and games. Guest don't have to place any bet to play the games. Just a push of a button and answering a question fast enough will do.

Taufulou, Serge, Jack and Rachel trying their luck on the Fortuna Wheel.

One of the prize that can be won is a 2GB thumb drive. The other great prizes are iPod Shuffle and iPad.

I popped open a bottle of wine and be merry with the people I met there.

Met cute Stitch that turned into a pretty young lady.

My invited guest, Yih Yann. She's a headhunter (not the Sarawak kind).

It's been awhile that I bumped into Copykate. Still is pretty and slim as ever.

Victoria is in da house.

Jack and Rachel. If you want UNIFI for your office, email me and I'll give you Jack's number. He works in TM.

The popular Taufulou.

Dustyhawk, Jessica and Mike Yip.

Ecoba is packed with guest to 7ASTE party.

Zlwin is one of the artiste performing that night. Guess what's he's performed?

Ah! How he bend the fork???

It's not only about food and wine at 7ASTE. We has got dance performance.

Violin performance. One of the highlight of the night or I meant "the" highlight of the night. Bravo!

Tian Chad came quite late so I'll have to entertain his guests for him first :p

If Tian Chad is there. One will almost certain will see these two sisters. Yi Wern and Nicole.

Came out from a mold.

Michelle "The Leng Lui" Lee was there too of course. Also bumped into her at the last 7ASTE event.

This is Erica. I just met her for the first time there.

Elvin told me that Erica is a model. He has shot her picture before.

Jia Yeen and Jackie Loi. Sorry Jia Yeen blocked most of Jackie's face here :p

Then there's Henries on the loose. BabeBaboon and CleverMunkey.

Shannon Chow

Eric Yong, he can go far far away just for good food.

Bumped into Samantha K and Samantha W at the entrance.

Chloe Misuko was there too. Thanks Ah Bok for helping to fetch her home. My place is too far and I was drunk :p

This is Hanie. I see her in so many events.

Esther N, a very busy blogger that has a lot of events, parties and food reviews to go to.

I had so much fun and drinks that night. Thanks to 7aste for another successful party. Hope there will be more of this to come. Oh, if you want to know the updates from 7aste, you can follow their Twitter account here, like their Facebook Page or if you haven't register as a member yet, go do it now so that you can RSVP for the next 7aste event and go there for free.

I left around 12.30 am and I still people there trying their luck to win the iPad.


TheJessicat said...

wheeeeee!!! hehe yupyup i had fun! :D won myself a 7 astray and the pendrive! :D schweeeeeet.

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Haha thanks a lot for serving my guests ;p Too bad the champagnes that I redeemed finish in just seconds by others~~

Simon Seow said...

Jess: I also won both of that too lol

Tian Chad: yeah the 1st two bottles i opened went out so fast. I have to leave the last bottle until 10 pm only then i dare open.

Hayley said...

Wah.. you always take photos with pretty hot girls one!! hehe..
Nice photos!

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: haha, easy only, I have to be thick face and ask to take picture with them. They are all very friendly.