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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SML Volatile 1st Heat in iStyle Fashion KLIA 2010

6 teams from 5 different fashion designing academy are going to compete with each other on iStyle Fashion KLIA 2010. I'll be rooting for Team SML Volatile. On the first heat of the competition, "BeAccerized". The teams were given an one hour time frame to do accessories selection at participating outlets at KLIA within an one hour given time frame. Teams need to go to Eclipse, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to look for apparel. Each team was given a female model profile base on number drawing lots. And the team that picked the first number get to select their apparel first. SML Volatile were second. The teams were all given a choice to select a complete garment plus one (1) accessories, which does not include shoes or handbags.

After getting the accessories and apparel that they wanted. Team SML Volatile started to discuss and work out their strategy on the 1st heat. Oh, while they have to complete task for the 1st Heat, they have an additional task to work on which is the Malaysia Airport Front liner Attire. Both of it have to be submitted by Friday noon, 29th October 2010.

They successfully compeleted the tasks and submitted the finished product. There's no rest for Team SML Volatile yet because 2nd Heat of the competition "Man About Town" starts immediately the week after.

To check out the updates of iStyle Fashion KLIA 2010, you can Like their FB Page or follow them on Twitter. The works from Heat 1 - BeAccerized photo shoot kick start today at KLIA, drop by if you happens to be at KLIA today ;)

Heat 1 - BeAccerized
Where: Stage area, Main Terminal Building Level 5, KLIA
When: Tuesday, November 2 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm