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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Malaysia's Great Achievement in Sports

Yesterday Malaysia won their first ASIAN Games 2010 gold medal in the wushu event. Have you ever thought that Malaysia is good in wushu? What if I tell you that Malaysia is also very good in international rally car racing? You didn't know? Well it's time for us to be proud of our nation's achievement in sports.

After taking a five-years break from international rallying, PROTON has done well by winning second in the Manufacturer’s Championship in its first full season in Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC).

Snippets of the news release:

"A one-two finish at the recently-concluded China Rally last weekend by Alister McRae and Chris Atkinson reaffirmed the Malaysian car manufacturer’s resolve, determination and competitiveness in the global rallying arena as it placed itself between the traditionally-dominant manufacturers Mitsubishi and Subaru.

As an added bonus, the spirited drive by McRae also earned the Scottish driver third placing in the APRC Driver’s Championship and an even bigger cause for celebration at the PROTON camp.

Oh guess what car model were driven in the rally races? It's the Satria NEO S2000. Now all of you Satria NEO owners out there should be proud of this. Now I wondered will PROTON come out with a limited edition Satria NEO S2000 for sale on the road. Of course with the seats and air-con fitted in.

This prove that when effort and determination is put in, even Malaysia can win big in the international sports event. Not only that, did you know that they even put the car to test by having it competing against an helicopter? Satria NEO S2000 came out as the winner.

This really what we call Malaysia Boleh. Now I should consider buying a PROTON made car when it is time for me to change car. Now we know that PROTON and Malaysia is on par with other international names in motor sports. Congratulation to PROTON once again in making us proud to be Malaysian and hope that PROTON will continue to do a great job in motor sports.


Henry Lee said...

next round we might hear Proton Inspira winning the world rally XD

Simon Seow said...

Henry: Hmm..well, we'll have to see