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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tiger Halloween Party @ Thai Club

First of all, this will be my 800th posts. Not much if compared to those who publish a post daily or some even a few posts daily. It's a little milestone for my blog Simon Says. In less than 2 months down the road this blog will be celebrating it's 5 year old birthday. Oh, so my blog is the same age as Bangsar Babe's that just celebrated her blog's 5 year old birthday.

Okay, last week a few days before Halloween a group of us already started the party early in Thai Club. We were there for one of the Tiger ‘Dead Thirst’ Halloween parties that was thrown concurrently in 22 locations

This picture made it to The Star Metro on 3rd Nov 2012
Yes! We're famous. *shiok sendiri mode*

I went inside the club and got myself some serious zombie-like makeup. Gross, yes?

It's not a party without Tiger beers. Keep it coming!

As usual, take picha time!

Joanna, Y U NO ZOMBIE? You devil you!

Hui Min, zombie got so cute meh?

This is more like it. Benjamin look like zombie even without makeup =P

Even the stage is decorated with Halloween theme.

What are you Ah Bok? Skele Potter?

I didn't know zombie knows how to use DSLR.

Jackie still can smile with a vampire and a zombie standing next to him.

The live band here is good. Then there's also this China girls group named Queen. Of course, the Tiger Zombie dancers put up a performance for the party goers too.

It's a nice little party and socializing with the gang. Thank you Tiger for the almost endless booze and throwing this Halloween party.

To be part of Tiger’s exciting calendar of events, stay tuned at their Facebook page - - It’s where you want to be.


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