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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hitting the High Notes with Lin Yu Chun 林育羣 Malaysia Showcase

I was invited to Lin Yu Chun 林育羣 未來的第一站 大马音乐会 Malaysia Showcase last Saturday at Rootz, Lot 10, Bukit Bintang. Thank you Sony Music Malaysia. Not many familiar faces there. The only one I knew there is Tian Chad. He then bumped into his friend Patrick. I think most of the bloggers went to the other event happening at the same time. Yupe. I saw loads of Tweet from there.

Oh. You don't know who is Lin Yu Chun or more popularly known as his nickname Xiao Pang (小胖). He went on to One Million Star Season 6 (超级星光大道 6) and PKed the contestants there. Then the video of him singing Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" got so many hits on the Internet that the people from US of A started to noticed him. They even nicknamed him "Asian's Susan Boyle". The people from Sony Music then signed him up as a recording artist and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

He was down in Kuala Lumpur to promote two of his debut album, an English ("It's My Time") and a Chinese album ("未來的第一站') . I think he is still in Kuala Lumpur because I heard him doing interview on local Chinese radio station 988 yesterday night.

There were a lot of media there that night. I overheard someone from 8TV 八八六十事 was there too.

Camwhored with Tian Chad while waiting.

After an hour of waiting, finally DJ Jason from MYFM took the stage and introduced Lin Yu Chun.

Chit chat later, everyone is waiting for him to sing. The first song he did is a song from his Chinese debut album. I didn't manage to take video of it though.

A bit of interview with DJ Jason after the first song.

Then he sang the song that made him get noticed, and the crowd went wild. "I Will Always Love You". Man, the high notes that he can do will embarass a lot of female singers.

Time for some fun and game with his fans. There of the fans picked have to sing one song from the album. Juliana, one of his fan there flew all the way from Sarawak to meet him.

Two songs are not enough of the crowd of course. He then sang a cover that he did on one of 順子 Shun Zhi's hit single 星星 (I Am Not A Star) from his Chinese album.

He sang one last song from his English album, "Under Your Wings", which is composed by Walter Afanasieff, whom produced "My Heart Will Go On" for Celine Dion.

It doesn't end there. It's now autograph session for the fans. He did another one at 3pm in Lot 10 a few hours before. One of his PK mate from Malaysia 馬嘉軒 was there to give him her support. She was the first one to get his autograph.

Fans lining up to get his autograph.

After almost half an hour and it's all done. It's time for Lin Yu Chun to say goodbye to his fans. Ah such talented young man.

P.S. For those of you that don't know. PK means "Player Killing",in One Million Star, not Penalty Kick or Pok Kai. It's like a one on one between two or more contestants, the one of the lowest score will be "killed" (put in the loser's area).


Albert said...

he is very talented. I have been watching him ever since that video come out. Damn, so good

Simon Seow said...

Albert: It's like listening to the opera when she sings.