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Friday, November 26, 2010

Nuffnang Hong Kong Will Be Coming Soon!

Surprise! Surprise! Last week from an online interview of Boss Ming I was able to guess that Nuffnang has expanded to China. Check out Nuffnang China's website. It's all in Chinese. Feel quite weird looking at a familiar Nuffnang website all written in Chinese. There's even Nuffnang Bloggers of the month from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippine and their posts were translated to Chinese. Nuffnang in Chinese is called "拿福能" which also can mean "Can get prosperity".

There are already activities going on in Nuffnang China.

Then yesterday I had a chat with Timothy when I met him in an event and he told me there will be another new Nuffnang launching in another country by this year. So, that's mean besides Nuffnang China there will be another one coming up before the end of this year. He don't want to give it out though.

Well, this won't be too difficult, using my deducing skill I was able to roughly guess. By reading the blog of both Nuffnang bosses, I was able to see that they travel to China. The other country that they also went to is non other than Hong Kong. As logic, if one opens Nuffnang China, why not do one in Hong Kong too which has lesser red tapes than doing it in China. Timothy told me that they need to apply load of licenses to open Nuffnang China, a license is even needed to register the domain

True and behold. I went home and type on my browser. Voila, loaded the Nuffnang Hong Kong portal. Although it's still not developed yet but I can see testing of a Tweet from @NuffnangHK. I think there's still work to be done on Nuffnang HK like having Chinese Traditional as language option because Hong Kong uses a different Chinese typeset.

So, Nuffnanger be sure to see two more flags added to the Nuffnang portal. Congratulation to Nuffnang to be able to expand to China and Hong Kong. Maybe we might see Nuffnang India not very long from now.


Michelle Chin said...

Maybe Nuffnang Global!

Simon Seow said...

Michelle: Well it's not impossible.