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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tenshi no Cafe 天使のCafe, e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Okairi Goshujin-sama means Welcome Home Master in Japanese. Hearing these words might be every otaku's dream. What's more, they will be able to see real life people dressed as French maid and butler to serve them in a cafe that is designed as if it came out of a manga or anime.

While previously one can only find these kind of fantasy cafe in Japan or Taiwan. Recently it seems that someone has brought this concept to Malaysia. I got to know about Tenshi no Cafe 天使のCafe which means Angel's Cafe in Japanese when I read Jason Mumbles' post on it. I also bought the group buying promotion from Hahah Deals, which will get me a package worth RM83 for only RM38. Two meal, two shakes and a dessert. Because there's more than 50 deals purchased, so there's a bonus of RM3 worth of “Spoon Feed – 3 spoons” and Choice of “Conventional Games” or “Playstation 3” for one round worth RM5.

maid cafe
From outside, Tenshi no Cafe looks like a home more than a cafe.

One of the house rule is no photography of the maid, food and interior. I kindly asked permission from the kawaii lady butler, so the only thing I cannot take with my camera is the staff there.

The ten house rules.

The interior is very bright with pink as the main colour. It looks very clean and comfortable. There is one area where there's a PS3 and a HD TV showing a Japanese group's MV.

maid cafe interior

Since the deal is enough to feed two person. I invited Emily to join me to discover this maid cafe concept that is new in Malaysia. But luck is not quite our side because we came last Saturday during lunch time and there are no maids but only butlers were there. According to the kawaii lady butler, the maids took half day leave to attend a cosplay event at Tropicana City Mall. Quite obvious that most of the staff here are also enthusiastic cosplayer.

Emily Sook Ying

From the deal, I can order one dessert, I chose Banana Split. Quite a while I didn't eat Banana Split already. My mistake is that I didn't ask it to be serve after the main finished. It was served first. Sigh.

banana split
Banana Split

Emily and I shared the banana split after we finished our mains. I should have left the choco stick for the maid (actually is the kawaii lady butler) to spoon feed me. Well, just the ice-cream and banana will do, so I got spoon fed by her on each flavour of ice-cream starting from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Emily just kept laughing during this spoon feeding session. One scoop is worth RM1, if you are interested to experience it. Go read Jason's post for the total experience captured on camera because he got invited to do a special review hence can take picture of everything.

Japanese fried rice with Ebi Tempura
Japanese fried rice with Ebi Tempura

We can order one dish from the Japanese Rice section and another dish that is worth not more than RM19.90. Since, Emily chose Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu Rice (RM 19.90). I'll have to choose Japanese Fried Rice with Ebi Tempura (RM 19.90) from the limited Japanese Rice section.

The fried rice has a lot of Edamame beans, tasted quite good too the fried rice. I suspect that the Ebi tempura is not fried in a oil that is hot enough because some the bread crumbs is still not quite cook yet.

Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu Rice
Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu Rice (RM 19.90)

While my fried rice is nothing to shout about, Emily absolutely love the Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu Rice from presentation to taste. She told me it tasted much better than Full House's Japanese Curry rice. So, it's not only the good service that is provided here, the food here also taste not bad.

After, finishing our meals. It's time for some exercise. Which, I utilize the 1 round of PS3 game service. Again, I'll play PS3 motion game with the kawaii lady butler and not maid. The maids are not back yet. Actually 1 round of game means 5 minutes. I was able to play 3 different short motion sensor games with the lady butler. She kicked my ass by winning two games out of three.

maid cafe interior

The butlers and maids here are very polite and friendly. Ask them any question and they will politely answer you. There's one question that you cannot ask though, that will be their phone number :p If they are not too busy, they will sometime stay for a short chat with the customer. In term of service, I'll give it 10/10, ambiance 8/10 and food 6/10.

Well, before we left the place, we manage to see two maids that finally start their shift. If you are interested in the maids' picture, click here. Overall, this is a RM 38 well spent. Too bad it doesn't include a polaroid photo with the maid of my choice, which will cost RM 8.

tenshi no cafe


Tenshi no Cafe
LG18, e@Curve
No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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蓝玫瑰Emily said...

haha 我没吃过FUll House的日本咖哩饭啦~
只是说full house的食物没有那么好吃~~

Simon Seow said...

Emily: ah, 我又摆乌龙了 :p

Susan said...

it looks interesting but it's a waste that the food doesn't match the outlook :-)

Babe_KL said...

ooo so dats where the maid is from! we saw one walking around the complex and thot there's a cosplay event there :p

Simon Seow said...

Sholee: Oh, it's because weekend they don't serve kawaii bento, if not it will be pretty match

Pick Shan: if the maid is in pink then most probably is from Tenshi no Cafe lol