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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

周杰倫 Jay Chou's Songs ala Acapella by PennYo

I came to know about PennYo, a Chinese acappella group from the University of Pennsylvania. When Dan Zhang, one of their member emailed me to ask me help spread the word about their group since he got to know from my blog post that I am a Jay Chou's fan.

I listen to some of their covers on 周杰倫 Jay Chou's songs that they did in acapella (They called it Jay-cappella). Hey, they are great. I think if Jay Chou got to listen to their job, maybe they can collaborate on a song.

Here's one that PennYo did, which is a medley on Jay Chou's songs 霍元甲, 夜的第七章,and 飄移.

PennYo: Fa Ru Xue 发如雪 (Jay Chou A Cappella Cover):

While 淘汰 is not sang by Jay Chou but it's written by him for Eason Chan, whom is another great singer that I like even before Jay Chou's debut.

While they did a lot of Jay Chou's song, it doesn't meant they only do Jay Chou's song. There are a lot of other Chinese songs that they did an acapella version, like of my my all time favourite, 新不了情.

Last that I'll share here is one of my favourite Jay Chou's song, 安静.

There are a lot of acapella groups out there that do covers of English song but it's quite rare to find an acapella group that do cover on Chinese songs. I subscribed to PennYo. Hope they will get more popular and will be able to stage a tour to Asia, especially Malaysia.

You can subscribe to PennYo's YouTube Channel for more of their amazing acapella covers.