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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lazy Meal: Wild Rocket and Ham Sandwich

I am kind of lazy when it comes to preparing my own meal, that's why most of the time I will eat outside if no one cooks at home. Sometime I do prepare my own meal at home but it will be mostly food that is easy to prepare like Korean instant noodle and sandwich.

Sandwich is one of my favourite because I can play mixed and match with the fillings and dressing in between the bread. One of the favourite herb that I like to use when making a sandwich is wild rocket. It has a distinct aroma and taste. Yes, it's a bit bitter yet there's this taste that I found very captivating that I can't describe. Please note that Wild Rocket and Rocket are very different in terms of the taste and aroma. I prefer Wild Rocket, once I tried using Rocket because I can't find Wild Rocket, it just can't give me the same taste.

Wild Rocket

So, what I usually do is buy sandwich ham as one of the filling for my sandwich. Sandwich ham has a thicker cut than the normal ham, some cut is in square, which is a nice fit for the normal bread size. The one I bought that day is cut in rectangular, so I have to trim the extra a bit.

Sandwich Ham

As for the bread, I like wholemeal bread because of the texture and the wheat taste that is very nice when used in a sandwich. I chose High5 instead of Gardenia because it can last longer in term of expiration date but I think Gardenia tasted slightly better.

Wholemeal Bread

Pure salted butter is used as the spreading. No margarine or any hydrogenated vegetable oil for me please.

One or two pinch of freshly grounded pepper to give the Wild Rocket a bit of spice. Usually I use yellow mustard for dressing but I remembered after I checkout from the cashier. So, I'll have to do without dressing. Of course, you can always use your favourite dressing here like honey mustard, mayonnaise, thousand island, french dressing and etc.


I made a mistake of putting the wild rocket in the freezer which made it very wet and turned soggy. I put it in the freezer because my cooler is not working.

Nice, simple and tasty sandwich. Wild Rocket and Ham Sandwich. I made this for breakfast but it can be eaten during anytime of the day.


Butter for the spread
4 to 6 slices of wholemeal bread (depending of how many you wanted to make)
2 to 3 slices of sandwich ham
Wild Rocket a pack which is enough to make 8 to 10 sandwiches
Grounded white pepper.
Dressing (any salad dressing that you like, for me I prefer yellow mustard)


1. Spread the wholemeal bread with butter.
2. Put a slice of sandwich ham on a slice of wholemeal bread.
3. Put some wild rocket on top of the ham, ground a bit of white pepper on it.
4. Put your dressing on the ham and wild rocket. Cover it with another slice of wholemeal bread.
5. Repeat steps on the same bread with another slice of bread as top if you want to make a Double Decker.

Wild Rocket Ham Sandwich


Unknown said...

looks like a wholesome meal :D i love sandwiches too...

Huai Bin said...

Very interesting bro! Wild rocket, I've never used that in cooking or sandwiches before. It looks pretty interesting, will keep an eye out for it next time I go grocery shopping at the hypermarket. Cheers!

Simon Seow said...

Jamie: yeah, enough to last from morning till afternoon.

Huai Bin: Usually the restaurant use this for salad. It has a very captivating aroma that makes my appetite grow.