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Sunday, May 15, 2011

HyppTV Party at Neo Tamarind, Kuala Lumpur

Last week, I went to the party celebrating the 1st Anniversary of HyppTV and also it reaching 80,000 subscribers. I myself is one of the 80,000 subscribers because I subscribe to Unifi High Speed Broadband which also comes with HyppTV. It's good to have a new paid TV service, competition is good for the consumers. The best thing about HyppTV is that it comes with free channels and you can subscribe to their premium channel by choosing the channel you wanted and don't have to subscribe to a package of channels with some channel that you don't want.

This is the first time I come to Neo Tamarind. Before I go into the place, from the outside one would have thought that this is a Balinese Spa. Ah, I miss Bali.

There is a big glass that at the kitchen, so we can see that chefs busy preparing the finger foods. The finger foods that night is great.

If you have a HD TV and is just using it to watch BlueRay or play PS3, then you might want to consider suscribing to HyppTV because it has a few HD channels such as Universal Channel HD, FOX Crime HD, iConcerts HD and LUXE.TV HD (this is a free channel). Wih popular series like CSI, Bones, Law and Order and more in HD format. That is really putting your HD TV to good use. Besides, you'll also get high speed broadband connection from 5MBPS onwards.

Fan of MasterChef series and Top Gear? Well, you can get it from the premium channels BBC Knowledge and BBC Lifesytle. Manchester United fans will surely want to subscribe to MUTV channel. Missed a movie that you wanted to watch? Search through the abundance of movie titles from Video On Demand service, cheaper than buying DVD. Get more info here.Link

The staff all dressed up.
The theme of the party is dress as a movie star or character. I tried to be Sammo Hung but I don't have the traditional Chinese shirt. So, I just make my hair with gray highlights, like him in Ip Man 2.

There is also a game challenge for all the guests there to take part in. Each have to complete 3 tasks at 3 different station. The grand prize will win an iPad2. OMG. The first task is to answer a question related to HyppTV. This is quite easy for me because I am already subscribing to their service.

After completing each task, a stamp will be given. The second task is by far the easiest for those that have Twitter or Facebook account. It's to update or Tweet about HyppTV party with the tag #hypptv. Just go to the laptop provided there to update or just show the station master your update. Of course, the laptop all connected using Unifi.

The 3rd and final task is to write your message on the bubble provided and take a polaroid picture. Stick it to the stamped form. After all tasks were completed then drop the form into the box.

The time that all the guests are waiting is the prize announcement. There's a lucky draw session, also Best Dressed Male and Female, Best Picture and of course the Grand Prize, iPad2.

Guess who won the iPad2? Well, the news should be known to all of you now in this fast pace Internet world. Michelle is the winner!

The party then ends with cake cutting to celebrate HyppTV 1st year anniversary.

Michelle was so happy that she won the iPad2 that she holding the board upside down :p, as for me, I won't be going home empty handed because I got the Desperate Housewives Juicer from and early question and answer game. The question is, which 3 HSBB speed that Unifi is providing for home user? Easy, 5mbps, 10mbps and 20mbps.

It was quite a fun party. Everyone went home with something. There were goodies bags given out to each guest. Happy Birthday to HyppTV and congratulations on getting 80,000 subscribers in just a year.