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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Kolony Has Arrived!

Remember the sightings of the mysterious symbol that I previously blogged about here? Well, turned out that is is the signal of a new plan those that is serious into Social Networking. KOLONY, highly recommended for social networking.

Can you find the KOLONY?

KOLONY ))K(( is an SMS-based social network that connects you to your friends. It’s spreading far and wide throughout the nation and fast! It’s an awesome phenomenon that is going to infect everybody! Already over 1million people have been infected! Your phone is now going to do so much more than just connect you to a friend. It will expand your network. DING, BOMM, FREN and POPP are going to become part of your daily lives. KOINZ are going to make your world turn. You’re not going to be able to shake this infection off!

To get started, just send KOLONY to 25333. (You just need to have an Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X. or Celcom mobile number to join!)

After you get your nickname, check out some of the ways you can socialize on Kolony:
• DING – Ding your buddies and leave them a message to cheer them up.
Send KDING to 25333
• BOMM – Have an update to share? BOMM it away to all your FRENs!
Send KBOMM to 25333
• FREN - FREN for life? Make as many as you can in Kolony!
Send KFREN to 25333
• POPP – Get to comment on what your buddies say!
Send KPOPP to 25333

For even more cool activities in Kolony, just send KHELP to 25333 to get a full list of keywords that you can use to explore the rest of the world of Kolony!

Here's a chart for what you'll get once you've got your XPAX prepaid.

For more information about KOLONY, click here.