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Monday, May 9, 2011

China Town Seng Kee, Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

For those frequent clubbers, the name Seng Kee should be very familiar to them. Well this is one of the popular supper hangout for after clubbers. A few weeks ago went to this haunt for supper with my cousins and aunt.

This place is famous for the siew yoke mee (roasted pork noodle) and claypot loh shee fun. So, these were the dishes we had that night.

The yong tao fu is nothing to shout about here, I found it quite oily too. Next time don't order yong tao fu.

Ah, one of my favourite dish here is the stir-fried pork fallopian tube (生肠). Yes, it is often mistaken as pork intestine but no, this only can be found in a female pork. I like the springy texture and the loads of dried shrimp to flavour it. It will be perfect if there are more bird eye chili.

Next up, claypot loh shee fun. I found that the quality of this dish is not as what it used to be. Sigh.

My cousin's bf actually wanted to eat at Fatty, the stall next to Seng Kee but there's no seats available there, so he tapaoed this stir-fried roasted pork from Fatty. Marvelous.

Last but not least is of course the stir-fried roasted pork noodle. I found that the roasted pork from Fatty is much nicer. Next time, we'll just go to Fatty instead.

Turn left into Jalan Sultan from the junction after Nando's if you are coming from Jalan Pudu. Go straight, passing a right turning. Further down on your right you'll find Fatty's stall first then Seng Kee. The HQ of Nam Heong Hainanese Chicken Rice is also here.


China Town Seng Kee (唐人街胜记)
52, Jalan Sultan
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 2072 5950

Google Map here.

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