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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011

I have no regrets coming to Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 even though I was still on medication for my flu, I still have a light fever when I went to Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC). This is not your normal concert, it's a 10 hours music marathon starting from 2pm and all the way to 12am non-stop performance by artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea. Total of 25 different artists/groups from the countries mentioned.

As I was sick, so I didn't make it to the press conference and autograph session in the morning. Even with my car still in the workshop, I took the taxi to KL Sentral and changed to take KTM Komuter to Serdang. I reached Serdang KTM Station, I saw there's a counter selling taxi coupon. I thought coupon system is there to prevent us consumer from being overcharged but this one is way more sly than taxi driver. I asked for the price to MINES, which is like 2KM away? Guess what's the price? A freaking RM10!!! For this price I can ride all the way to Sg. Long already. I of course declined the offer and took the shuttle bus which cost me only RM1. It arrived to Mines in less than 5 minutes.

I reach the concert venue at about three past fifteen, to my surprise I only missed the 1st performer, a group called Rosevelt. Will Ng 黃威爾 just finished his first song 錢錢錢錢 and starting his second song, 愛犯了錯.

Will Ng

Only during the concert that I know that Galaxy invited Paisley Wu 胡蓓蔚 as one of the MC together with MYFM DJs Jeff Chin and Mei Yan. Paisley is current the host of music show in TVB8 and previously she's featured before in Edison Chen's 战争(War) with MC Yan and Hanjin. Too bad she don't know Edison Chen and MC Yan will be performing too, if not they can do a live version of that song. She also told us that she has featured before in LMF's 忘记他(是她). I of course remembered that song because I am LMF's fan.

Paisley Wu and Jeff Chin

Mei Yan and Jeff Chin

The next performance is by 24Herbs 廿四味 from Hong Kong. An Indie hip hop group, one of the member Phat Chan is also a member of LMF if I'm not mistaken.

Von Lee from Manhand featuring her voice in one of their song, Wonderland

Their performance is not too bad, even though I don't quite know their songs, it still able to give me the groove to move.


Josh Lai 賴力豪 is next. Honestly, I never heard of him and his songs just don't ring a bell. He did do his best to entertain us.

Then the next performer is a group that I am more familiar. They are non other than Daydream. Daydream is one of my favourite local band and produced some very nice songs.

This is Daeren on vocal and guitar. He's also a member of Manhand.

The first song they performed is Silly Dream (Desiree + DayDream get it?) a new song which they collaborated with Desiree Tan but she couldn't make it. Performing without her seems to lack a bit of a kick, as noted by Jackie.

After dishing out a few of their own songs, they also sang their favorite band, 五月天 Mayday's 离开地球表面. The end their performance with 美女 of course.

Another artist, Hao Ren 朱浩仁 performed next.

He sang three songs. 好人卡, 爱退潮 and 舞功.

Suki Low, our One in a Million Season One winner came out with a striking dress that is designed by one of most promising fashion designer Jonathan Liang. Thank you for supporting our local designer, Suki. She started off with Katie Perry's Fireworks. She's really good in handling this song which is not easy to sing.

One can imagine why she won One in a Million because she can sings in so many languages such as Malay, English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Also, she has quite a powerful voice too.

She invited Shawn Lee to b-box, Dennis Lau on violin and she herself played the keyboard for her rendition of Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

Watch for yourself whether you like their performance. The crowds dig it.

Hao Ren then came out again and did a duet in Mandarin with her in 悄悄話. She ended with a Cantonese song from Beyond, Amani.

Namcha from Bangkok, Thailand was up next. I didn't stayed for her whole performance because I was hungry and went to the media room to get food.

I got the food but not the cutlery, so I have to pack the food first and rushed back to the concert hall because Olivia Ong from Singapore is on. Managed to catch half of her You and Me. She then followed by the covers she done for Ain't No Sunshine and Luka.

The song that I was waiting for from Olivia Ong is of course 如燕 the theme song from Little Nyoya. It's really thrilling listening to her singing this song live.

Olivia Ong in happy mood

Sam Lee from Hong Kong was out to spin some music for the crowd. It's the cue for me to go eat my food :p

After I had my dinner, Paul Wong has already sang a few songs from his list of 11 songs that he's going to sing that night. I managed to catch 大地, which he sang in Cantonese and Mandarin. It's the first time he sings this song in dual language.

The final piece he sang is 友情歲月, a popular song from his Beyond day.

We have artist from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore performed. Left only Taiwan, China and Korea. S7ven is the sole representative of Korea. At first I thought S7ven is a group lol. Wei Wei seems to be his fan, when I jokingly shouted the name Rain instead of S7ven, she gave me the stare, so scary.

Well, he's really a good performer. He sang five songs, Digital Bounce, I'm going crazy, La La La, Better Together, and Come Back To Me.

While we thought that's the end of his part, he came back out and sing his last song, Passion.

Another performer from our Northern neighbour, this time is a band called The Bottom Blues.

FAMA 农夫 (in Cantonese the group name means farmer literally), the hip hop duo from Hong Kong. Do you know that their boss is Edison Chen? The first song is 風生水起, a song from their 1st album about feng shui master in Hong Kong.

One of their song, 韓國勁舞權 is about the craze of Hong Kong people over Korean pop culture. They did a parody song of Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. Their 4th song is 偉大航道, where they try to tell the younger generation about the mistakes that they made and not to follow.

Their final song is one of the more popular song, 舉高隻手(Raise Up Your Hand)


For the next performer, just by hearing only her voice singing, the crowd was already very high. She's non other than Tiger Huang 黄小虎, famous for her nickname Pub Queen, where she can do a cover of other artists' songs and came out a better or different kind of feel when she sings in a lounge or a pub.

She begun with two fast numbers, 我的心里只有你没有他 and 热情的沙漠. Which were successful cover songs that earned her the popularity.

The crowd gone crazy when she sang 重来 from her latest album and then the final song 没拿么简单 the crowd started to sing with her. It's like a big choir in the concert hall suddenly. It felt great.

She's one of the rare few that can rock the house down and get the crowd all cheer and clap.

Manhand, my favourite local hip hop group is up next. They started with 咩人 but from the rundown I got, they were supposed to start off with Latido. Oh, well maybe the schedule started to overrun, so they have to cut short one song.

They then sang their new single Laluna, which will be included in their soon to be launch 3rd album. It's not easy for a Canto Hip Hop group in Malaysia to be able to have a 2nd album not to mention a 3rd one.

Manhand consists of Von Lee, MC Toy, MC Bee, Daeren Tan, and DJ Point at the back

慢游世界 is of course in the song list, and they modified their song from their 1st album, 慢行 and add in I see you when you get there.

Their last song is a cover that they've done on LMF's 揸緊中指, the lyrics are different from the original.

Manhand invited Daydream to join in for the last song. They are both under the same management and Daeren is a member of both group.

Singapore Ah Du came singing three of his ballads, 堅持到底, 沒什麼好怕 and 他一定很愛你 Still able to get the crowd's attention.

One of the performer that I most wanted to see is of course our very own Taiwan's Super Star winner, Jess Lee. This will be her first public performance after she won the reality singing contest in Taiwan. She didn't disappoint at all. The crowd would goes wild whenever she hits a high note.

She opens the act with A Mei's 維多利亞的秘密 and then did a slow number of 戴愛玲's 可惜你不在.

She sang Gemilang, the one and only Malay song she sang in the contest, introducing Malay song to viewers around the globe. She is as good as Jaclyn Victor if not better.

She ended her gigs with What's Up, a song that she got full marks for during one of the episode of the contest. She only sang 4 songs, according to the run down she suppose to sing All By Myself too. Well, I guess the concert is a bit overrun so they need to cut short a bit. WE WANT MORE!!

Derrick Ho 何维健 from Singapore. He sang 咬字, 你走天橋我走地下道, 當我知道你們相愛 and lastly he did a duet with 张芸京 on the song 世界唯一的你. 张芸京 whom has a lot of fans there, made the crowd went wild.

HisHer fans has waited long enough. Here heshe comes, Jing Chang 张芸京, winner of Super Idol first season, another Taiwan reality singing competition.

Apart from hisher good looks and super fair skin, I think it's not luck alone that heshe won Super Idol. HeShe can really sings.

HeShe dishes out 5 songs in a row, 讓我照顧你, 偏愛, 春泥, 破天荒 and making the high notes in 黑裙子. I guess because of time constraint heshe didn't sing 相反的我 that is in the rundown. HeShe did a duet with 敖犬 of Lollipop F on the song 義氣 before heshe leaves the stage.

HeShe's one of the few artists that night that shook hands with the fans. The other one is Edison Chen. No wonder hisher fans love himher so much. HeShe also gave away some paper fan as souvenir.

One more pic for you fans out there.

Pictures from here onwards were taken using my Nokia E7 because the battery on my Nikon Coolpix S8100 was exhausted, this is after all a 10 hours concert.

Then a 老师极 "Master Class" performer Kevin Lin 林隆璇 do his stuffs, 別人的情歌比我好聽 and a medley of 白天不懂夜的黑+為愛往前飛+TBC. He also duet with 张芸京 on the song he written for them, 怎麼開始忘了. He did another duet with 楊奇煜 (小煜) as his last song, 你那麼愛他. There was some technicality issue with the mic but with his experience, it's just a small matter.

小煜 was left on the stage to introduce his group Lollipop F. They sang 今天是HOLIDAY, 最佳男配角, 攻心計, 放空 and 四度空間.

After a long wait, the fans of Bibi 周笔畅 can finally sigh a breath of relief. Their long awaited idol is finally out to sing for them. She's the 2nd last performer in the run down and the time is already 15 minutes past midnight.

She has got fans all the way from Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

She was discovered through one of China's most popular reality singing contest, Female Super Voice. She opens with 单面镜, chat a bit then quickly follow by 恋爱料理. Without much delay, 时光机与流浪者 was up. Schedule is very much overrun lol.

Her voice is great. Very soothing.

She was supposed to sing 流言 with Kevin Lin 林隆璇 but I think due to the overrun, it was taken out. After 上帝咬过的苹果, she sang her last song, which is an English song named I Miss U Missing Me.

Finally, after like about 11 hours. The final performer. Edison Chen.

He brought 3 of his good friends to jam with him. MC Yan, MC Chef and DJ Prepare.

He sang about 3 of his own songs, and then his buddy did three songs. Finally he sang two more songs latest album before calling it a night. The concert ended around 1.30 am.

Once again, I have to say that I would have regretted not coming to this great music festival due to the fact that my car is in the workshop and I was slightly feverish. Thank you Joshua for the transport back, if not I could have never stayed until the end. Hope next year there will be another Tiger Asian Music Festival. Thank you Tiger for this event!

No prize for guessing who's he

P.S. Those that wants more pictures of your favourite idol can check out my Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 Photo Album.


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awesome post on that i have to say!

Simon Seow said...

Nick: Thanks

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`Tianchad FTW! hahahahaha

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what the heck!!!张芸京is a girl ler!!!!!



谢谢你所有的videos!! 真的好羡慕你那么前排的位置啊!!!

DW said...

Hi, thanks for ur nice pics, hope can see some more video clip from the rest of the performers.
actually i want to say that Jing Chang 張芸京 is she not he ^^

Simon Seow said...

Jackie: Wahaha

Emily & DW: Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't know the he's a she. Edited.

Emily: 我有邀请你来的吗。坦你又不得空。

DW: I only took those videos that are on my post. I have no hands to take picture and video simultaneously lol. Also, I have to respect the organizer by not capturing the whole concert in video.

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thanks for sharing jing chang's photos :)

Simon Seow said...

No prob. You're welcome. For more pics, can go to my Picasa album.

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ooo that is not TianChad wtf

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wow.. very da complete ur post! i just can't imagine spending the entire day there listening to a language i don't understand, so I asked my hubs if he wants to attend this and he says nope so we gave it a pass... i'd love to see edison chen though.. :D

Simon Seow said...

niawei: this is all the videos I shot :p

Tian Chad: then who's that?

Merryn: lol, it helps that I know the language but my leg almost can't walk in the end of the concert after 10 hours of standing.