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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Slide @ T3

Do you know that if you shop at Changi Airport, the 7% GST is waived? So, if you come to visit Singapore, you should really drop by Terminal 3 at Changi Airport to shop. Yesterday evening I went to have dinner in Imperial Treasure, Crowne Plaza Hotel at Terminal 3. I found out that you can exchange for rides on The Slide @ T3 for every $10 you spent but a maximum of ten passes in one receipt.

What is The Slide @ T3?

It's actually a 12 meter slide that spans from the level 3 till B1 of Terminal 3.

You can exchange for a slide pass for each $10 you spent in Terminal 3, so remember to keep the receipt and exchange it if you feel like sliding. The minimum height to slide is 130 cm and the maximum is 200 cm. I luckily were 20 cm short of the maximum height.

Every $10 spent at T3 will get you one ticket.

I tried it once from the 10 tickets we got from the receipt in Imperial Treasure. I know why there's a maximum height to play, I found the slide is very slow if you are tall like me. At the end of the slide, I couldn't even make it out without using my leg to get myself out lol. Another thing is that my Crocs are too large with will have friction with the slide that will slow the ride down. Think twice before you take the ride if you are 180cm and above because you won't get a smooth ride down.

You just have to scan the ticket and go in the entrance to the slide. If there's someone still not out of the slide yet, you won't be able go into the entrance. My brother in law told me that the fastest speed someone done for the slide is 4 seconds.

Red light means someone still in the slide or haven't exited yet from the exit below.

This one nice way to give back to the shoppers and diners in Terminal 3, Changi Airport. Maybe KLIA should do the same to attract more people to shop there since KLIA is so much further from the city than Changi Airport :p


ahlost said...

hahahahaha.. i wanna try that ride !!