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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mai Ramen 1st Birthday!

I was invited to Mai Ramen 1st year birthday buffet session two weeks ago. I was invited because the owner wanted to show a token of appreciation of the food post that I wrote when I first ate at Mai Ramen last year. They are so generous that I can invite 3 guests to come dine with me.

So, I invited Emily, and brought two of my cousin sisters Joyce and Jas along with me. The night customer will pay a fee for the birthday buffet, and since it is a birthday celebration, Mai Ramen decided to throw in a deal for the paying customers. The customer that can finished a bowl of ramen within 2 and a half minutes will have his/her fee waived. Quite a few customers managed to win the challenge.

There is a buffet spread on the table. I can have as many as I want. You see that the buffet spread is kind of few in variety right?

House salad

Chicken karaage, tamago sushi and tofu skin sushi

Favourite Japanese snack of most people, Takoyaki balls

Of course the gyoza in Mai Ramen is a must have

Don't worry, there's another part of the buffet that you can order the ala carte dishes. Those dishes is not nice to eat if put on the buffet spread for too long.

I love the salmon sushi roll.

The owner is so generous that we get a plate of salmon sashimi that is not in the buffet menu.

Soft shell crab temaki is yummy.

Crispy prawn tempura. That's why have to be made to order.

Of course, coming to Mai Ramen without eating their Tonkotsu Ramen is like haven't been to Mai Ramen before. I see that the quality is still maintained. Best of all, I get to put in the toppings myself from the buffet spread.

Chashu, pork belly and Ajitsuke tamago (seasoned half-boiled eggs) are a must in my ramen.

We were so full after so many food. As we thought that we will end it after finishing the last of the food, the staff then brought out a peanut snow mountain to us as dessert. Oh well, there's always room for dessert.

We were all so happy that night. Thank you Mai Ramen. Happy Birthay and hope there will be many more birthday to come ;)

I was holding the almond biscuit Emily got for me in Macau

Jas & Joyce

Mai Ramen Cafe
13-6, Block D, Jaya One

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