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Monday, August 6, 2012


I went to Laundry Bar just now to watch the much awaited Olympics Badminton Men's Single Gold Medal match between Dato Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. It's fun to watch it with so many Malaysians together. Thank you Samsung Malaysia for organizing this viewing party and Nuffnang for the invitation. The area I was sitting is filled with familiar bloggers.

Here with fellow blogger, Saimatkong, whom by the way is Simon Kong lol. Behind us is the Nuffnang Malaysia Country manager, Nicholas Chay.

Anna won a Samsung Beam from the lucky draw. Damn lucky girl. She's already using a Samsung S3.

There's free face painting provided, so I had a Malaysia flag painted on my face.

Then it's time to buka puasa. We need our energy to support Lee Chong Wei.

Although Samantha didn't wear the Samsung polo T-shirt but her eyes are blue colour too.

Lee Chong Wei didn't disappoint us and took the 1st set but he fell on the 2nd set and lost very closely with 21-19 on the 3rd set. No matter what, you make us proud Dato. You don't have to apologize for the lost, a silver is very good. This is Olympic, it's a dream of every athlete to get a medal. Besides, you've gave your best in the match.

Lee Chong Wei tweeted,"I'm sorry" from his twitter account after he lost the match. He will be the one that is most disappointed.

On the side note, his twitter account followers from 14K two days ago became more than 90K after the match. That's shows that Malaysian are all behind him.

#ThankYouChongWei was once top trending tag in Twitter.

Even though, it's a bit sad that LCW didn't win the gold medal but I think Dustyhawk is very happy to won himself a Samsung Galaxy S3 from the lucky draw. He's on a winning streak. He just won the new iPad not long ago.

Here's an interview of Lin Dan after he won the gold medal. He told the reporter that Lee Chong Wei is his friend outside the court and it was maybe because Lee Chong Wei has a injury two months ago that disturbed LCW's training routine that gave him a little bit of advantage.

So, actually guys. Lin Dan is not that arrogant as heard by some of us.

Here's an interview of China CCTV station with Lee Chong Wei. The reporter told LCW that he did very well in the match.

Once again, #ThankYouChongWei for giving us a great badminton final and congratulation on getting an Olympic silver medal.

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In celebration of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s inspiring sportsmanship, "Samsung Malaysia Electronics" announced that it will be offering a 10% discount for the Samsung GALAXY S III on Wednesday, August 8.

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