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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today I'm supporting August 14 Internet Blackout Day in protest to Section 114A of the Evidence Act that was passed by parliament, this amendment means anything posted on the Internet even if it's posted by others that is deem seditious or defaming another. We the owner of the media, network or account is guilty of posting that said comment or information. The burden of proof is bear by the accused instead of the prosecutor like what is commonly practice. For example, if anonymous left a comment that is deem to defame certain VIP in my blog, 114A enabled the VIP is sue me even though I was not the one posting the defaming comment but because the comment is posted in my blog, I need to proof my innocence. This is a law that works the opposite way of innocent until proven guilty.

This not only works on blog. Your Facebook, Twitter or social networking tool on the Internet will be affected. Even if your wifi was leeched by someone that posted something seditious, you'll be the one that bear the consequences. You can read more about this draconian act here. We'll be living in the fear of even using the Internet, let's get this amendment repeal.