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Monday, January 19, 2009

Simon Says: MDG2 Beautilicious Contest

Simon Says: It's been a while that I didn't patron COCA for the steamboat and the yummy pineapple fried rice. Hope that I can win the COCA GONG XI Giveaway and go there to taste it again.

For those of you that think that I am getting paid for being the official blogger for Malaysian Dreamgirl 2, you're wrong. The official bloggers don't get pay but instead we will be invited to the auditions, the shooting, the Dream House maybe, and etc. It's an experience money can't buy. On top of that we will so be given goodies worth RM 500. I was given part of the goodies when I went for the auditions in KLCC Impiana Hotel & Spa.

So, here's what's in the goodies bag I got from the auditions.

1. InTrend Magazine January 2009, the Official Magazine of MDG2. The winner will get a spread on the magazine.

2. RM 50 Marie France Bodyline Product voucher, RM 50 Svenson Hair Care voucher and RM 50 Bella Skin Care voucher.

The vouchers will be quite useful for me, I'm obese, so Marie France might be able to help me, I'm starting to show baldness at the forehead, so a treatment in Svenson might help slow the process, and some of you knows that I go for facial treatment so the Bella Skin care will be useful too. The problem is for RM 50 in these 3 center won't really get me anywhere near the result I wanted so I'll have to top up hundreds or maybe even thousands of ringgit. So, I'll just scrap the plan on using these vouchers.

3. Escada Incredible Me perfume. Ah, something that I can use or maybe not. The smell is very nice not too heavy. I heard that this is a fragrance for female. I don't really have problem about this because I used to use my sister's perfume when I was younger. Nah, I'll just give it to my cousin sister as her birthday present. Her birthday is on January. Save money kekeke.

4. Wella Professionals - BioTouch balanced anti grease shampoo. This is something that I really can use. I have very oily hair. Even working for 12 hours in an air-conditioned room, my hair will still get very greasy. This shampoo really comes in handy. This came to me in the right time because the Wella Professionals - BioTouch balanced anti dandruft shampoo that I got from Ringo is almost empty.

Yes. I need to regulate my greasy scalp.

5. The last but not least goodies are Beautilicious liquid lipstick, instan eyeshadow and eye shadow refill. Since I don't do part-time as a drag queen, these 3 cosmetics is of no use to me. So, this is what I will do.

These Beautilicious cosmetics will be given to the one that can answer this question, "Which shorlisted contestant in the MDG2 Auditions KL leg said that Andrew Tan (CEO of AndrewsModels) is very good looking?" and complete this sentence in less than 20 words, "I love Beautilicious cosmetics product because...". The one with the correct answer and the best sentence will win the products shown below. The answer can be found here.

Email your answer and and the completed sentence to yyseow[at] with the subject "Simon Says: Beautilicious Contest".

Contest closed on 26/1/2009.


Unknown said...

too bad i don't use cosmetics otherwise i would want too...

Rayn said...

Hello there Simon, I came across your blog through Cheesie's. I also have greasy scalp and wondering how effective is the Wella anti-grease shampoo. Have you started using it yet? I've been trying those pricier stuff like Kadus but does not feel like there is difference. Washing medium long thick hair almost everyday can be quite tiring. Hope you can share your experience.

Anonymous said...

i wanna join :/ urGh.

Simon Seow said...

Baby: why?

Rayn: Haven't start using yet but am using the Anti-deodarant, found that it's not bad too, hair don't have greasy feeling after using it.

Sam: Send in your entry lah.