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Thursday, January 22, 2009

KFC Zinger Tower

Honestly speaking, I'm not a fan of fast food. There's only a few fast food that I like and will never get bored of ordering when ever I patron a fast food restaurant. When I go to KFC for a quick meal, the food that I always order is the KFC Zinger burger. Just can't quite get it that restaurant to specialized in chicken can make such delicious burger.

I was in 1 Utama walking about when I saw this. As if a Zinger is not enough, now they have Zinger Tower. Since, I am a Zinger's fan, something like this I of course won't miss. In, I go and order myself a KFC Zinger Tower.

Already decorated for Chinese New Year.

I ordered an ala carte KFC Zinger Tower (RM 6.60 excluding tax) because I don't quite fancy carbonated drinks. There's also a Zinger Tower combo (RM 15.90 excluding tax) which consists of 1 zinger tower, 1 regular pepsi max, 1 mango pudding, and 1 zinger time watch.

Nice packing.

The difference between KFC Zinger Tower and the normal Zinger is that there's an additional hash brown added to it. While it is not as tall as shown in the board outside the KFC outlet. The size is bigger than normal Zinger.

KFC Zinger Tower

Biting into the KFC Zinger Tower took me quite an effort because I don't really have a big mouth (no pun intended). The Zinger fillet gave a dash of spiciness like the KFC Hot & Spicy chicken. The hash brown combining with the cheese, Zinger fillet and the chili lime sauce seems weird but tasted delicious nevertheless. One thing is that adding the hash brown to it makes the whole burger very fulfilling. I like the chili lime sauce very much, wish I can have more of it.

See me devouring the KFC Zinger Tower in the video below:

I like more of the delicious chili lime sauce.

RM 6.60 ++ for a KFC Zinger Tower is very affordable and very fulfilling. One of this baby can last me until the next meal. Ah, another good Zinger series from KFC. Will surely order it again if I drop by KFC the next time.

Rating: 3.75/5

KFC Zinger Tower in half.


Anonymous said...

KFC...wah,i think i hvn't had this the last 3yrs!...will try it 1 day.

choi yen said...

RM 15.90 with a watch, seem very worthy wor...

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year!
I would like to send u this flash as my greetings card.

teckiee said...

i haven eaten breakfast yet la...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Simon Seow said...

LB: go do it

mimid3vil: if you want the watch then it's worth it.

teckiee: who asked you to go around food blog before eating and wishes everyone. Anyway, thanks and Happy Chinese New Year to you too ;)

Pixie Clover said...

hey, i tot of trying the KFC Zinger Tower, it seems like kinda delicious, especially with hash brown, but afraid it would be small in size and taste normal as KFC Zinger =,=".. Since u rated it 3.75/5, i think i shud try it^^..nice blog!