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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tai Wing Wah Restaurant (大榮華酒樓), Hong Kong

After having a taste of TPK Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings in the old school Tai Ping Koon Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. Elaine and I met up with Aaron. We then took the MTR to Lai Chi Kok station and then changed to the West Rail (西铁) to go to Yuen Long station. From Yuen Long station we took the green taxi (taxis in New Territory are green instead of red as in Hong Kong and Kowloon) to Tai Wing Wah Restaurant(大榮華酒樓) which is quite near the Yuen Long West Rail Station but we were lazy to walk. The fare is not very expensive because green taxi initial charges is cheaper than the red taxi.

When we reached there, my aunt (Elaine's mum) already took a table. Be warn, there's no reservation service here, one have to come early to take a number and queue up to get a table. From the crowd I saw there, you should really come very early if you don't want to wait too long. Lucky for us, my aunt got some reputation in eateries in Yuen Long, especially Tai Wing Wah because she's a frequent customer there. So, we were able to get a place :p (Still she has to come early)

Wing Wah Since 1950

So my aunt just ask the captain to recommend a few of their signature dishes. The one signature dish or rice to be exact to order here is of course their pork lard rice (猪油饭). It's actually white rice steamed in a clay bowl (which looks so much like a beggar's bowl) and then you'll have to mix a scoop of premium soya sauce and half scoop of pork lard with the rice.

Put Chai Fan

Premium soya sauce and pork lard.

The pork lard is specially made in the restaurant not just any pork lard. The colour of the pork lard is so nice. I am lazy to use words to describe how to create the pork lard rice. Hence, I took video.

This is how the pork lard rice looks like after the mixing.

Pork lard rice.

Ah, the aroma of the pork lard rice is really hard to describe in words. The premium soya sauce also tasted fabulous, never tasted soya sauce that you can still taste the soya bean. We ordered each of us a bowl of pork lard rice. Aaron and I of course had a go on mixing the pork lard rice.

Careful, careful.

Why so serious?

Okay time for the dish to be serve. The speed they serve the dishes is fast. It's a must, if not they won't be able to serve so many customer that are still queuing.

Wai Tao Five Taste Chicken (围头五味鸡)

Nice and tender chicken. The taste is not too bad too. Much like the soya sauce chicken. The next dish, is a must order here because you won't be able to find it in Malaysia or I think. The baked eggs with fish intestines (鸡蛋焗鱼肠) is something that is out of this world. It's the first time I've eaten fish intestines. The combination of both are just marvelous. My personal recommendation besides the pork lard rice.

Baked eggs with fish intestines (鸡蛋焗鱼肠)

How it look like inside.

Next up is the Claypot Bamboo Shoots and Fresh Oyster with Ginger & Spring Onion (薑总枝竹生蠔煲). The oysters are so fresh and juicy. The bamboo shoots and the fu chuk absorbed the sauce, which tasted so flavourful.

Claypot Bamboo Shoots and Fresh Oyster with Ginger & Spring Onion (薑总枝竹生蠔煲)

We Cantonese people must have soup in our dinner. So, we have big bowl of soup of the day (明火煲例汤). Nice to balance up the ying and yang of our body.

Today healthy life stlye, we of course must always have some green in our food. Very fresh vegetable. This restaurant is in Yuen Long after all. Very near the vegetable farms.

We end the dinner with complimentary dessert. Red bean soup, Cantonese style, the red bean are cook till dissolved.

Ah, it was such a wonderful dinner. My saliva is drooling while I am writing this. I wanna have a taste of the pork lard rice and the baked eggs with fish intestines too. It's worth the travel from Hong Kong to Yuen Long, New Territory. Not a problem for me because I stayed at my aunt's place which is in New Territory too. You might also want to try the famous B仔 herbal jelly while you are here. Elaine told me it's quite near Tai Wing Wah.


Tai Wing Wah Restaurant (大榮華酒樓)
2/F Koon Wong Mansion, 2-6 On Ning Road Yuen Long 元朗安寧路2-6號2樓
Tel: +852 2476 9888

Directions: Take MTR to Lai Chi Kok Station, change to West Rail and stop at Yuen Long Station. From there, take the green taxi and tell the taxi driver to take you to Tai Wing Wah. Taxi fare should be around HKD 20 or less. It's very famous there in Yuen Long, so every taxi driver will know how to go there.

Light Rail Station in Yuen Long

After the fulfilling dinner, we decided to walk to the Light Rail (轻铁) station and take a light rail to the West Rail Yuen Long station. Yes, from Yuen Long to Hong Kong or Kowloon, you can take Light Rail then change to West Rail and finally change to MTR. Takes about 45 minutes plus minus. Very convenience the public transport in Hong Kong. Especially if you have the Octopus Card.


J2Kfm said...

pork lard oil!!!!
in all its glory. You should've drunk some.

Nikel Khor said...

the food is so attracting my stomach..

choi yen said...

Did the fish intestine taste fishy?

Simon Seow said...

James: I'm not that crazy, and I don't think it'll taste nice drinking on it's own :p

Nikel: attracting ur stomach? lol

mimid3vils: nope, not fishy at all

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