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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓), Central District, Hong Kong

Exactly a week after my visit for a food hunt in Central District, Hong Kong. My cousin Elaine, my friend Aaron and I went to yum cha in Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓). This place is like the must visit place for dim sum for foodies. I read in each of the food blog I went to, if the blogger had been to Hong Kong, sure enough you'll find one or two post about Lin Heung Tea House.

Yes. I'm a tourist.

So, what's the fuzz about this place that everyone that come to Hong Kong must drop by to eat the dim sum? Well, for one this place has been here even before World War II. It's one of the few tea house that's still serve very traditional dim sum that's hard to find else where in Hong Kong.

We reached quite late, which is almost noon. A lot of the dim sum is finished. Well, I just came to have an experience, not to eat all the dim sum here lol. I should have taken KampungBoyCityGal's advise seriously when they wrote in their post that this place is a war zone. Yes, here you go hunt for your dim sum that you want, you don't wait for the dim sum to come to you or you'll face with disappointment. Because I was too slow I didn't manage to get one of the dim sum that I wanted. I think it's goose feet or something, can't remember :p

Elaine and Aaron just sat there and watches me battle my way to get the dim sum. So bad lah them. Elaine's a local, she can be better in the battle than I am T_T Well, here's a few of the dim sum I managed to battle it out from the crazy crowd.

Steamed bean curd with chicken and fish maw. Yummy.

Siu Mai

Pork Stomach siu mai. This is a very traditional dim sum. Hard to find else where.

Steamed Pork Ribs

Lotus Paste Bun

The lotus paste here is very different from the lotus paste in Malaysia. It's very smooth and yet not too sweet. My kind of taste ;) There's even salty egg yolk in the lotus paste bun. Reminds me of Mid Autumn Festival lol.

Alas, when I go to hunt for the goose feet, the last one was already taken. You'll have to bring the dim sum card to the waitress that's pushing the trolley to stamp when you took dim sum from her. Other modern tea house, the waitress will come to you and you choose the dim sum and they will stamp the card that's on your table.

The staff stamping the dim sum card for a customer.

Aaron that just sat there and wait for the dim sum while I went into the battle field.

My cousin Elaine. At least she helped me to get the lotus paste bun lol.

Overall the dim sum here is quite good. The best thing is that you can still find those very traditional dim sum that most other restaurant don't make anymore. The bad thing is that you'll have to be furious to battle it out with other customers to get your dim sum. It's quite an exciting experience but I don't think I'll come here again if I visit Hong Kong again lol.


Lin Heung Tea House蓮香樓
G/F, 160-164 Wellington St,
Central Hong Kong
(852) 2544 4556
Open 6am to 11:30pm (closed bet. 4:30 to 5:30pm)

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thebaDderMan said...

Must be an authentic experience to eat in the real Chinaman Place, with genuine dimsum !

Simon Seow said...

thebaDderMan: yeah, very authentic indeed, the staff there also quite aged.

Anonymous said...

brother in law, the local, told me they don't like to go there as it's quite dirty...haha...

Simon Seow said...

SimpleGirl: who's ur brother in law? well, I went to get the one time experience only. So meaning all the customers there are tourist? I don't think so lah lol

sheryl said...

i guess i'll skip this place too on my next visit. don't like eating in a 'war zone'. I might go if their food is really spectacular.

Simon Seow said...

Sheryl: Yupe, if you don't want to rush and battle it out with other customers for popular dim sum, you can skip this place. I went there just to experience how an old style tea house is like. Food is not bad but not spectacular.

bbyjessgirl said...

Oh, I been there too when I was in HK. It reminds me...

Well, I would rather say the foods are so-so. Maybe because it’s cater to fit the local taste buds. Or perhaps I picked the wrong dim sum =D

It’s not as terrible (dirty) as said, still acceptable - since it has been there for decades.

ai wei said...

guess i really have 'well-equiped' for the war if planning to come here ><

Simon Seow said...

Jess: I think the food is ok.

ai wei: Put on a durian amour lol

Emeryn said...

okay..looking at this photos in the morning is bad! I'm hungry!

Ciki said...

pork stomach siew mai rocks!

Simon Seow said...

Emeryn: you should drop by tomorrow, I've scheduled a post on western breakfast lol

Cumi & Cuki: yeah! it's one of its kind.