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Monday, March 15, 2010

Eating Roasted Goose in Sham Tseng (深井), New Territory

Continuing on my Hong Kong food adventure. After getting to Wan Chai and then to Causeway Bay. (Elaine is trying to find a knitted blouse that she bought in Tsim Sha Tsui for her mum and her sister). Finally found the blouses that she wanted to buy, it's already time for dinner.

We already planned to have roasted goose in Sham Tseng (深井). When it comes to roasted goose, most of you only knows about Yung Kee in Central District but actually those that stayed near to Tuen Mun or in New Territory don't even know there's a Yung Kee. In Sham Hong Road, Sham Tseng, there's not one but a few restaurant selling roasted goose. From the crowd that I see in each restaurant, I am sure the taste is quite good.

One of the oldest restaurant selling roasted goose is Chan Kee, which is facing the main road. But we got a local with us, whom is also a New Territory resident lol, we went to Yue Kee at the back instead. Yue Kee is located at the back of the shops and restaurants in front. Look for the sign below and you won't go wrong.

As expected, the crowd is overwhelming and we have to get a queuing number to wait for a table.

The management put this in front of the entrance so that customers can take picture while waiting for their table lol.

Directions to find Yue Kee.

Alas, I've fulfilled one of my mission in Hong Kong, that is to eat roast goose. I've missed eating roast goose on the two previous trip. Man, the roast goose here is so damn juicy and the skin is so crispy. Words can't really describe my roast goose orgasm.

Half Traditional Roasted Goose (HKD 160)

The thigh is of course, mine. All mine, muahahahaha.

We also order other specialty dishes. Such as Stir-fried Cuttlefish with Broccoli in XO sauce. The cuttlefish is very fresh and springy. Tasted good in XO sauce.

Stir-fried goose intestine and goose heart with green and red chili. Nice stuff. But a bit high on cholesterol. Both Aaron and Elaine only eat a bit, sigh.

Stir-fried goose intestine and goose heart with green and red chili. (HKD 50)

Elaine ordered a Fried Fish Fillet with corn sauce. It's her favourite, she said. Well, I think that it's like eating corn flour in corn starch.

Autumn/Winter special dish. Fried Stuffed Crab Claw. OMG. Look at that claw, so big. Nice.

Fried Stuffed Crab Claw (HKD 28 each)

Elaine enjoying her stuffed crab claw. Bigger than her mouth lol.

It was a very fulfilling dinner. We can't finish the fish, so Elaine tapao-ed for her parents. The food of course doesn't stop here because in Sham Tseng has a very famous dessert shop, Lucky Dessert (發記甜品), which is just nearby. Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) has a few outlets in Hong Kong and the shop in Sham Tseng is the first and the Headquarter. The boss and family just live on the first floor of the shop lol. Elaine says, the other branches is not as nice.


Yue Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant (裕記燒鵝飯店)
9 Sham Hong Road, Sham Tseng, N.T. 新界深井深康路九号 (深井碧堤半岛落车)
Tel: 2491 0105, 2491 0751
Business Hour: 11am - 11:30pm

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It's packed.

Even though it's packed, we were able to get a table in just a few minutes. I see that a lot of Hong Kong celebrity came here for dessert too. Too bad that night we didn't bump into any.

A lot of newspaper and magazine also reported about Lucky Dessert. There's so many varieties of dessert to choose from.

At first Elaine wanted to order Pearl Sago with Italian Style Herbal Jelly (HKD 26) but they are out of Italian Style Herbal Jelly. So, she ordered the one with only the pearl sago.

I ordered Durian Soup (榴槤飘香). It taste like 杨之甘露 but instead of mango, they used durian. This is very good. It's a must try if this is your first time here.

Durian Soup (榴槤飘香) (HKD 26)

We also shared the Mango Pancake (HKD 23).

Look at the amount of the diced mangoes inside.

I wanted something warm, so I also ordered Glutinous Rice Balls.

It's nice to eat warm glutinous rice balls during cold weather like this.

Me devouring the glutinous rice ball.

I can't help but think that Tim Pun Gor Gor must have copy some of the dessert from Fatt Kee. Why I said that? Well, Fatt Kee has been in business here for decades. Tim Pun Gor Gor is not even 5 years in the business.

There's no MTR station here, so it's either you take a bus or taxi. Any buses that goes to Tuen Mun will surely pass through Sham Tseng. It's a good experience to try the roast goose and dessert here, instead of just going to Yung Kee or Hui Lau Shan. Actually, I haven't try Hui Lau Shan before lol.


Lucky Dessert (發記甜品)
G/F., 92 - 93 Sham Tseng Tsuen, Sham Tseng
Tel: 2496 9163
Click here for the list of Lucky Dessert outlets.

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Soo Sean


ai wei said...

ahhhhh! 燒鵝!!!!!! but real exp :(

J2Kfm said...

damn I miss those HK desserts. the imitators here do not even come close.

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: HKD 160 for half is quite reasonable lor, here 1 goose selling for RM 120 or higher, if not mistaken

James: kekekeke, don't say liddat lah, at least we can eat the imitation nearby if we are craving for HK dessert.

Unknown said...

Yummy, stomach growling. I must note this to be part of my visit to hk soon. DESSERT...

Nikel Khor said...

all food look great..erm,tian bin ge ge d dessert is make from hongkong sifu hand

from Nikel Khor

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Jahat lah u, making me hungry T_T

Simon Seow said...

Supia: yes, it's one of the place the locals will recommend.

Nikel: but they lack originality

Nicole: lol, that's the purpose of a food post.