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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Opera, Go Register NOW!

It's been quite sometime now that I missed out on Hennessy Artistry event. If you follow my blog from when it first started, you'll noticed that from 2008 onwards I've been to quite a few Hennessy Artistry event already.

I still remember the first Hennessy Artistry event that I went to in Zouk KL. Free flow of Hennessy Artistry Mix. I drank like there's no tomorrow.

Tock Tock & I in Zouk KL. He was slimmer then.

Another two months later, again I went to Hennessy Artistry at Aloha Club.

Then the big one in Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, which Florida was invited to perform. It was also to introduce Hennessy KL on top of other Hennessy City mixes like Hennessy Miami, Hennessy Shanghai and Hennessy Paris.

The Hennessy Mixes

Near the end of 2008 I went to yet another Hennessy Artistry event, this time it's held in Orange Club.

I only went to two Hennessy Artistry events last year. The first one of 2009 held in The Loft, 10 different new Hennessy Artistry mixes were introduced. The latest Hennessy Artistry Halo event that I went to is one of the big one last year, held again in Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena.

Before the press conference at Hennessy Artistry @ The Loft.

Hennessy Artistry Halo.

Coming back to the present, year 2010. Hennessy Artistry returns with newer and improved element. This first Hennessy Artistry this year will be held in Opera, Sunway Pyramid. I heard it's quite the IN club right now.

Setting the tone for the party at Opera is the Hennessy Mixing Zone which gets a facelift and will feature four new and improved zones – the Hennessy Mix Master, Hennessy Mixing Bar, the Hennessy Digital Light Art Effects, and a Hennessy Live Twitting Zone.

Of course Hennessy Artistry is not Hennessy Artistry without cool music and live performances from the current hit DJ, DVJ, Hip Hop/Rock group or even B-boxing talent. In this event, Tokyo based DJ Sarasa (also known as Silverboombox) will be spinning cool music, local rock quartet Bunkface will rock the dance floor with their catchy tunes (their song Silly Lily top the Hitz.FM chart for 8 weeks), DVJ G Mix will give us the 'visualize sounds' experience, and last but not least our local B-boxing genius, Shawn Lee will wow us with his B-boxing skill.

Sounds like fun right? Details below on how you can join the fun too:

Passes to H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ at The Opera, Sunway Pyramid is by-invitation only. To obtain invitations to the March 19 event, logon to Alternatively, to know more about past events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page: or follow H-Artistry on Tweeter: The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.


LilMeJo said...

Artistry is fun.. but my last artistry left me way too huge of the impact.. almost scarred me for life?! ^^"

Simon Seow said...

Ah, the car accident huh. Scary.

Danny Foo said...

Hmm, I'd be there for the company, environment, music and ladies. Not really a hard liquor person. :(

Simon Seow said...

Danny: Me too. I gotta drive so can't drink to much.