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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

Project Alpha Season 2 will be kicking off soon in 19th April 2010. I followed Project Alpha Season 1 religiously every week waiting for new episodes to be uploaded. That time Project Alpha don't even have their official site yet, the videos were loaded in the sub-site in Nuffnang Malaysia website. Before that let me write about what bits and pieces of what I think is the best from Project Alpha Season 1.

Project Alpha is hosted (and co-produced too, if not mistaken) by the beautiful and talented Jojo Struys. She's very friendly in person, so don't be shy shy if you bump into her. ;)

First off, I love the FourFeetNine Episode 3 where Audrey went to workout in the gym, in which she's much prefers walking for hours in the shopping mall rather than running 5 minutes on the treadmill. It's funny to see how she struggle on the treadmill lol. In case you don't know her bf Timothy jogs everyday but recently I'm not too sure :p

To recap all FourFeetNine episodes go to Project Alpha website.

Second is because one of the featured blogger is my taukeh soh (Nicole Kiss) during Project Trafford. Her episodes came up after Audrey's. She talked about her life as a traveling blogger and of course show the pictures and video that she's taken during her traveling. In episode 7, you can see her playing with an orang-utan.

Coincidentally, in Project Alpha Season 2 there will also be scenes withe the featured bloggers with animals in Lost World of Tambun. It's especially funny to see Cheesie's holey tights being nom by a goat. Can't wait to see the Project Alpha version of this scene.

Third is to find out interesting bloggers that I've haven't known before I watch Project Alpha Season 1 such as Beautiful Nara and Budiey. I was later able to meet both of them in person in different ocasions lol. I think most of it is in Nuffnang's event.

There's just too much to write about Project Alpha Season 1. There's like about 50 episodes all together. So, if you want to warm up before Project Alpha Season 2 begins, go now and watch all the episodes here.

Last but not least, my favourite bits of Project Alpha Season 1 is of course the weekly blogging contest that's giving nice prizes such as Adidas deodorant, facial care, Sunway Lagoon passess and much much more. Why it's my favourite? Because I won consolation prize for week 4 on the post about Beautiful Nara and won 1st prize for week 7 on the post about Huai Bin. I now have like a two years supply of Adidas New Action 3 deodorants and Adidas facial products.

There's a lot of exciting prizes ready to be won too in Project Alpha Season 2. Kicking off is the Instant Cash Blogging contest, the prize is hard cold cash pumped into your Nuffnang account once you've done. Terms & Conditions applied. :p

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


Cikgu Dahlia said...

nice! cant wait to join the contest too :)

Ken Wooi said...

i feel like getting some instant earning as well, but looking forward to topics that i can write about.. different topics each week right? =)

Spicy Sharon said...

Who doens't wanna win instant cash right.. but i can't think of a suitable topic to write about P.A. every week la.. since im not in it right? LOL

Simon Seow said...

Dahlia: yes, go join.

Ken: Yes, each week different topic.

Sharon: you don't have to think of ur own topic, you'll be given a topic to blog about. This week topic is the title I put.

Nikel Khor said...

wah..RM20 is huge number in nuff

from Nikel Khor

F I T said...

wahh can't wait to take part in this PA contest. it's getting hotter now! :)

Jom Menang RM10,000 dari AmBank Dengan Bermain Game Permainan Kehidupan Yang Mudah!

Anonymous said...

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