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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Craziest Project Alpha Blogger

Crazy! Crazy! These are the two first words from the opening song "Crazy" sang by Ash Nair that you'll hear when you are watching the Project Alpha video. Crazy is the right word to describe the current Project Alpha featured blogger that is on this week. It's non other than the infamous blogger from, Huai Bin.

Those of you who follow Huai Bin's blog will know that he used to do drugs. From designer drugs to heroin, which he also blog about he's usage of it. He went into rehab three times to kick of his drugs addiction. Finally in his 3rd time he successfully kick the habit after spending 1 and a half year in the rehabilitation center. From the video, he says that one can't even stand a day in rehab, and he's been in there for so long. That also explain his MIA from the blog scene during that time frame. Nicole, another Project Alpha blogger even did an interview with him for her column Blogged Out titled "Former drug blogger comes clean about his past" in The Star, Metro. He even got arrested for drugs possession. Now isn't that crazy? But he's come clean now. Drug free. If you want to listen to him telling the story catch it on Project Alpha. I'll show you Episode 1 here to get you started.

He also a fanatic for pain. I really don't know how many piercings and tattoos he has on or in his body. His wrist, tongue and even his nipples got piercing. His back and his hand got tattoo. The picture below is Huai Bin's X-ray film. You can see the piercing in the chest there. Taken from his blog post "Mama my nen nen got thing stuck inside"

He also like flammable stuff. He did experiment with petrol, kerosene, you name it. Maybe it's because it's influence by the pyrotechnics street show he saw at Gurney Drives when we were in Penang. You can see that in one of the episode in the ending credits you see him spitting out kerosene. My guess is that he's trying to perform one of the fire tricks.

Gurney Drives fire show.

Taken in Gurney Drives

He eats crazy stuff like live octopus and most recently dog meat when he was in Korea. When I was in Penang with him, even after each of us had 2 jugs of beer and were on the way to the hotel entrance after his friend dropped us back, he still can remember that we had planned to go eat Sup Torpedo (bull penis soup). The funny thing is, the day after, he totally forgot that he ever had Sup Torpedo.

We were pretty high on beer already.

Huai Bin with his bull penis.

Me with bull cock. Picture taken by Huai Bin. I think he's almost there.

So, if I say here that he's one of the craziest bloger yet that is in Project Alpha won't be to far fetched right? There were a lot of other crazy stuffs that is not proper to be blog about here :p
CRAZY! CRAZY! Project Alpha: Episode 6, which will be the latest episode released today will be on his ex-gf. Stay tuned.

Oh, Huai Bin, if you are reading this. I bought the New Adidas Action 3 Sensitive deodorant already.

So, you can have my half-used Adidas Action 3 Sensitive for your er... sensitive nipples :p


CUMI & CIKI said...

ROFL! how cute - i saw the xray shot on sixthseal.. erm, how did u like the taste of cock :P

Anonymous said...

were you guys thinking 'what you eat is what u treat'? yi xing bu xing? LOL.

Huai Bin said...

Haha! Nice one mate...sensitive nipples eh? Nice entry, good luck! =D

Simon Seow said...

Cumi & Cuki: Well, it's kind of bland the cock itself but with the soup, it's good.

Anonymous: That's a myth. Nothing happened after we ate it.

HB: Thanks mate!

izzahfarhana said...

congrats!bila nak collect prizes?

Simon Seow said...

Izzah: thanks. minggu depan, minggu ini memang tak ada masa.

Afra Yuri said...

hey 1st prize winner! congrats to u alsooo!i think ur entry is unique,u guys had bull penis?! okey..haha.. reminds me of bizarre food channel ;P

Simon Seow said...

Afra: haha thanks. yupe it's bull penis, tasted like beef tendon but with a firmer texture.

Joshu@law said...

Congrats to you too! =) Well written!

KwOnG FeI said...