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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poke Your Friend in Facebook Through SMS

"Hey, I poked you in Facebook and I don't even need an Internet connection!" LOL, isn't it nice if you can tell this to your friend. Ahem... ok ok, I just shiok sendiri lah. Well, thanks to Xpax, even if you don't own a smart phone or a mini notebook or you have no Internet access, you can now poke your friend by just using SMS.

Of course, it's not only limited to poking, duh. Just by paying RM 1 for a week of unlimited access of most Facebook options like status update, wall posts, adding friends, writing notes and more here. It's very easy to activate the service. If you're already a Xpax user, just follow the steps below:

If you're not a Xpax user yet, go and switch to Xpax now and be the early adopter of the first Facebook SMS Service in Malaysia. 你 switch jor mei!?


CUMI & CIKI said...

poking poking.. eh.. no response wan? hehe

Simon Seow said...